Monday, August 13, 2012

Tale of Only Two Gamers: More Terrain Progress

Slowly, but the terrain project is moving along.  I now have all painting finished on the hills, forests and swamps.  I have also poured the Water Effects in the swamps.  Now I only need to add static grass to everything and we will have 12 pretty decent terrain pieces added to the collection.

Above you can see the hill after spraying with a couple of cheap spray paints and drybrushing with a lighter color.  I used cheap acrylics from Wal-mart for all these for cost effectiveness.  I am debating on adding some inks and giving another quick drybrush before adding grass, but I may just leave as is.

Above are the forests bases ready for static grass and completion.  I do have a lot of trees that need basing, but they will be fine with stock bases for a while.  I think they'll stand up ok, I just want to add some 40mm bases and paint as above to match.  Some of them will be added to swamps and maybe hills for variety in games, so I need to keep the cohesiveness of scheme throughout.

Above are the swamps after paint, but before Water Effects.  After painting and drybrushing sand, I used some cheap acrylic paints to add varying colors to water area.  I also glued down some clump foliage and grass tufts before pouring.  This gives the water a little vegetation and some realism.  In hindsight, I should have just stuck these in the Water Effects after pouring and would have gotten the same effect.  The Water would have held them in place fine after drying.

The swamps above have been poured with two layers of water effects.  You can't really see much difference in this picture, but really it's there.  Another thing I would do differently would be to use the opposite side of the mdf board for anything with Water Effect.  The textured side absorbed the first layer and even with a second there are some bumps from wood showing in paint.  The smooth side would have been much better at making this look more realistic.

I hope to start flocking these with some static grass soon, but really need to purchase more before starting.  I would like to keep it consistent throughout, so mixing multiple batches wouldn't be ideal.  I'll probably get some more before starting and mixing with current batch to get a cohesive look.

I'll keep the terrain updated as I get more complete.  I hope to get a start on the Tower of Sorcery and the Skullvane Manse soon.