Monday, January 25, 2010

New Blood Angels = Chaos?

If like me, you have been seeing the new Blood Angels rumors making their rounds in the blogosphere. I have had no interest really in them, having hated BA since their 3rd edition rhino rushing overpowered days. Saying this, I think now I may start liking them. Not that I'm gonna play Blood Angels, but will probably use this codex for some of my Chaos models, namely Night Lords.

While not usually an advocate of "counts as" armies, I feel like this one could just fit the bill of what I'm looking for. I started a Night Lords army before the Chaos codex was neutered and lost all the Legion-specific rules. I loved the fluff of an army with lots of assault troops that overwhelmed the enemy with decisive strike attacks. According to the rumors the new BA will be just this, fast and assault oriented. I think this codex could be a good holdover codex for some Chaos players wanting to play this style but really not having the options in the current codex. Even Khorne Berzerkers could fit into this theme. Obliterators would be out, but who cares when you could get drop-podding dual CCW dreads. The more I think about this idea the more I get excited about the possibilities of having a Chaos army that actually has some options. So do you guys think the new Blood Angel codex could be a good option to keep Chaos players competitive and enjoying a new realm of tactical possibilities or do you think everyone should just use a codex for its intended purposes.

I know lately I have been letting the blog down, but the computer I had all my upcoming post pics on crashed and I lost several posts that I had planned. After this I was disgusted for a while and let it go. Hopefully, soon I'll get some more pics taken and start more regular updates. In the meantime, I have built up an 1850 pt, mostly infantry, Sisters of Battle army that includes 88 SOB, 1 Rhino and 2 Immolators. I will post a list soon. And this weekend I'm pretty excited about getting to play some games with a couple guys I haven't played in years.