Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Hobby List of the Week": Huron's Red Corsairs

Red Corsair Chosen Unit with Space Wolf Bits

Chosen Rhino

Finally, I made it through the holidays and need to get something back on the blog.  I am gonna get back to the hobby list and hope to start showing something on Project Thunderbolt when I have time to put together a series of articles and finish the final paint details.  Work has been too busy for me to even pick up a model lately.

This week I'm gonna do a Red Corsair list using the Chaos Codex.  The Red Corsairs are a cool band of renegades.  Pretty much, you can throw together everything you like and it would make a perfect band of Chaos pirates under the employ of Huron Blackheart.  So here goes the list, lead by the man himself.

Huron Blackheart

Chaos Sorcerer - Mark of Slaanesh - Lash of Submission - meltabombs

Chosen Squad - 9 dudes - Champion with Power Weapon - 4 flamers - Mark of Khorne
     Dedicated Transport - Rhino with Combi-flamer

Chaos Terminators - 3 dudes - 2 with combi-meltas - 1 with Heavy Flamer and Chainfist

Chaos Space Marine Squad 1 - 10 dudes - Champ with Powerfist - 2 meltaguns - Icon of Chaos Glory
     Dedicated Transport - Rhino

Chaos Space Marine Squad 2 - 10 dudes - Champ with Powerfist - 2 meltaguns - Icon of Chaos Glory
     Dedicated Transport - Rhino

Chaos Space Marine Squad 3 - 20 dudes - Champ with Powerfist - 2 Plasmaguns - Icon of Tzeentch

Chaos Bikers - 5 dudes - Champion with Powerfist and meltabombs - 2 with meltaguns

Vindicator - extra armor - dirge caster

2,000 pts
12 killpoints
3 scoring units
63 models

Okay, so this army just has a little bit of everything you need with some things that are just cool, like 20 crazed bolter-toting Chaos Marines on foot with a 5+ invulnerable save all the time.  This unit is where I would attach the Sorcerer, as it will take a lot to make this unit go away completely.  I would put Huron in the Chosen unit for the 5 flamer template action, as well as plenty of power weapon and powerfist attacks using the Mark of Khorne.  Add to this a couple 10 man units of CSM with meltas and re-rollable leadership for staying power.  The Bikers are the fast threat that can be brought in from reserve to help where needed with there meltas.  The termies need to deepstrike in using one of the Icons to help any unit in trouble.  They are mostly expendable, but being termies they will need to be dealt with.  And last is the Vindicator.  Not only does it draw fire off other units early game, it will also be nice if you can get Lash off on a unit and bunch them up.  Not always a sure thing, but when it happens, it is glorious and pleases Chaos much.

The modelling side of this army is great.  It includes some unit of every mark of Chaos except Nurgle.  Each unit can be modelled up using normal Space Marine parts as well as Chaos bits.  The painting can vary wildly, with some models keeping some parts of their armor painted as they had from whatever chapter they defected from.  My idea of Huron's renegades is that they are a bunch of like minded Space Marines that are tired of following the Emperor.  Some of these guys will have turned completely to Chaos, while others will still be Space Marines at heart, just not Emperor-loving Space Marines.  This idea gives the modeler a great range of opportunities when it comes to conversions.

So, there you go, my idea of a renegade band of Space Marines lead by Huron Blackheart.  There are so many modelling possibilities when it comes to Red Corsairs that I can't even begin to list them all.  Maybe you think renegade Space Marines are as cool as I do, or maybe not, but you have to admit the modeling aspect of the army is awesome.

The pictures at top are of my Chosen unit that Huron rides with.  I converted these using Space Wolf bits.  I figure when Huron hijacked the Wolf of Fenris, a few of those guys decided to work for him instead of being tortured and raped by the Slaanesh guys in Huron's warband.  And I figure Huron, having read the new Space Wolf codex, would make them his personal bodyguard, hoping they would give him some secrets on becoming the strongest army on the internet.