Monday, July 19, 2010

Selling Reminder: DH, WH, IG, SM & More

Just a reminder that a couple posts below is a list of lots of models that I am getting rid of cheap.  I have pics to go with all and descriptions.  These are all new, never built, metal models that are very pricey these days, but seeing that I bought them 5 years ago I don't have as much in them and am willing to part with for 25-40% off retail depending on the quantity you would like.  I have updated the post to show which models have already sold.  Enough of this, just scroll down and check out the post with all the great models.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So I finally got around to finishing these models. I know Sallies like their terminator armor but I always thought that Sternguard fit their fluff real nice. But I wanted my Sternguard to stand out from the regular models. I always like the Legion of the Damned models but didn't really like their rules nor did I think they fit in with my army. So I converted some! I use "convert" lightly as I really did was give the whole squad combi-meltas (they are Salamander's after all!) and changed the load out of the Sergeant a little.

Not sure exactly how I should deploy them yet though, may give them a Razorback to cruise around in but I'll save that for a later post!

I can't wait to use them!

Oh, and be sure to check all the goodies for sale on the post below!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Want New Stuff, Selling New Stuff........WH, DH, IG, Misc.

The time has come again to sacrifice some of my unused/extra models so I can go out in search of new models.  I am looking to finish up my Space Marines with a Venerable Dreadnought purchase and maybe some more Assault Termies.  I am also going to take my Nightlords in a new direction with the new Blood Angels rules, so will be adding a few models for that.  I will be getting a few new tanks for my IG army and the new 8th edition rulebook for Fantasy.  Hopefully, this will get me back in fantasy mode so I will actually build my Lizardmen army.  Maybe the sell of these models will help toward those goals, if not, I am thinking of letting go of my fledgling Wood Elf army and most of my 13,000 pts of Orcs and Goblins that are fully built.

On with the models that I will be listing on ebay in the near future.  If anyone wants any of these before listing, I can/will sell cheaper than normal because of lack of Ebay fees.  Also, if someone wants like all of them or at least a majority of any one army I will take offers at well below retail.  I have sorted these out and taken pics with cellphone that hopefully you can make out the details(maybe even my daughter’s feet/hands as she “helped” me sort these out).  I will list all items for sale and then add pics at the end of each army.  There will be sections for Witch Hunters, DaemonHunters, IG, and a misc. section with some SM, etc.  All items are new, never built(just no packaging) with all parts accounted for except in instances noted.  I will also ship with new bases if requested.

Witch Hunters

4 SoB with Multimeltas
4 SoB with Heavy Bolter - 1 Remaining
7 SoB with Heavy Flamer - 3 Remaining
            (Of the 15 heavies above I only have 11 Backpacks)
8 SoB with Meltaguns - 5 Remaining
3 SoB with Flamers
2 SoB with Stormbolter
            (Of the 13 special weapons above I have 0 Backpacks)
6 SoB with Boltguns(includes 6 backpacks) - SOLD
1 SoB Celestine with Chainsword/Inferno Pistol and Backpack - SOLD
2 SoB Sergeants? with Chainsword/Plasma Pistol – No Backpacks
2 SoB Banner Carriers? – No Back Packs
16 SoB Seraphim with Twin Bolt Pistols and Jumppacks
2 SoB Seraphim with Twin Hand Flamers and Jumppacks
2 SoB Seraphim Sergeants? with Chainsword/Bolt Pistol with Jumppacks - 1 Remaining
1 SoB Seraphim Sergeant? with Powersword/Bolt Pistol with Jumppacks
2 SoB Mistress for Repentia with 2 Whips
6 Sisters Repentia - SOLD
6 Familiars – Babies with wings – 2 ea style offered – Boltgun, Skulls, Book
1 Male Inquisitor – Powersword/Inferno Pistol - SOLD
1 Female Inquisitor – Plasma Pistol/Powermace
1 Female Inquisitor – Inferno Pistol/Stake
1 Female Inquisitor – Crossbow/Powersword
5 Henchmen – I think 1 of each offered
4 Acolytes with Power Sword and Shield – 2 ea style offered

Daemon Hunters

3 Grey Knights
2 Grey Knight Terminators
1 Grey Knight Terminator Justicar
            Above Terminators have 3 NFW(1 needs pinning), 4 Stormbolters, 1 Incinerator weapon selection
1 Brother Captain Stern model with all parts - SOLD
1 Inquisitor with Book/Boltgun – Bare Face
2 Inquisitors with Boltgun/Powersword - SOLD
1 Inquisitor with Boltgun/Powersword – Helmeted Face - SOLD
1 Lord Torqueamada with all parts - SOLD
1 Heirophant - SOLD

Imperial Guard

3 Catachan Captains with Powerfist/Boltgun/Backpack – Old School Catachan model
2 Commissar Yarrick with all parts – Newer Sculpt
3 Commissar Yarricks with all parts – Old Sculpt with Lobster Claw - 2 LEFT
4 TechPriest Enginseers with all parts
2 Lord Solar Macharius with all parts
3 Colonel Iron Hand Strakens – Old Sculpt - 2 LEFT
2 Guardsmen Marbo
1 Commissar with Hand Flamer/Poweraxe
1 Commissar with Boltgun/Power sword
1 Commissar with Boltgun/Powersword – Steel Legion Face
2 Sanctioned Psykers
1 Catachan Sergeant with Plasma Pistol/Powersword
1 Catachan Sergeant with Powerfist/Laspistol
1 Catachan Sergeant with Bolt Pistol/ Chainsword
2 Usarkar Creed - 1 LEFT
2 Kells - 1 LEFT
3 Cadian Banner Bearers
2 Stormtrooper Sergeants with Plasma Pistol/Boltgun strapped to chest
1 Kasrkin with Plasmagun
2 Kasrkin Srgs with Powersword/Hellpistol
1 Commissar Gaunt
1 Colonel Schaffer - SOLD
3 Cadian Colonels with Powersword/Laspistol – Hand Behind Back from metal boxed set
10 random Last Chancers – Rocket Girl is missing Rocket Launcher - SOLD


1 Dark Angels Veteran with Plasma Pistol/Chainsword
1 SM Terminator Captain with Stormbolter/Powersword
7 Space Marine Veterans – 2 with Relic Blade Axes, 3 with Chainsword/Boltpistol, 1 with Powerfist/Boltpistol, 1 with Boltpistol/Powermace - PowerMace-SOLD
1 Ulrik the Slayer- Built and Primed
1 Skaven Master Engineer I think
1 Nightlords Hero with Powerfist/Combi-Flamer
11 Metal Deathguard Backpacks

If you made it this far and want to buy some of these email me at .  Just make a list of the models you would like and make an offer or I can give you a price if you prefer.  I want to sell for around 25-30+% off retail if I can get that, more if you want a lot of these.  If you want to buy all and try your hand at making a profit on ebay yourself I will make great deal.  If you can’t see a picture and my description of a particular model sucks also email me and ask.  It will be a couple weeks before I start ebaying these.  To be honest I would rather sell them on here cheaper than deal with ebay fees and listing.

*Edit:  Forgot to mention you can check out my ebay feedback using username ctreleheb.