Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review....and what to do in 2011

This year has been pretty slow on the modelling side for me.  Mostly due to having a new house built, moving and all the things that go along with making a new house livable.  Also in  the summer my son was born.  This was a great time and having a 2 year old and a baby in the house is always interesting.  So this year real life was a lot more exciting than the hobby side.  I have built a few models and actually painted a few.  I played in 40k 'Ardboyz and made the semi-finals which was pretty exciting for me as the only games I play all year are in this tournament.  I think I played 2 other games of 40k and a couple of the new Space Hulk which was fun.

The few things I have managed to do I have been able to catalog on the blog.  I almost averaged 1 post a week on here, which is a goal I had set for my self this year.

Next year I would like to continue with my goal of at least a post a week here on the blog.  I also want to have at least 2 a month that actually show something I have built/converted or painted.  I also want to detail more techniques I use or experiment with.  My favorite blog posts from others usually contain a new technique or tool to help further my hobby experience and keep it interesting.  It is fun to try using others ideas and making them fit my skill level.

On the hobby side I want to first find the time to finish my Forgeworld Thunderbolt I have had in progress for at least 6 months.  I wanted to finish this before end of year, but instead of getting more time around the holidays I got way less due to working 60 hrs a week.  I really want to finish this before posting a series of articles on it, but I may start putting up some posts up to the 60% painted point it is in now.

Other than the Thunderbolt, I plan on painting more of my Trollbloods to get a playable, fully painted 35 pt list.  I have a few models I want to purchase for my Space Marine army and a few more for my Chaos army.  I am really torn about whether to start painting a full 40k army.  Chaos interests me the most, but I really want to get a new codex before jumping on a painting project like that.  So, I'll probably just pick and choose a few select models and go from there.

I really want to play more games this year, but again the majority will be probably be limited to the 'Ardboyz tourney.  I really want to place in semis this year and have been thinking about the list I will take for a bit now.  At the moment it is a Loganwing with Thunderwolf Lord Deathstar Hybrid List.  So lots of podding termies(5 units) dropping to provide screening for the Wolf Lords(3 with unit of Fenrisian Wounds) advancing with a couple Scout squads coming in behind the enemy.  I will put more up about the exact list at a later time.  Oh and it will be all Chaos counts-as with all models being WYSIWYG to limit complaints.

My last plan for the year is to finally start selling off at least 10,000 pts of my 14,000 pt fully built Orcs & Goblins army. I have multiples of every unit in book and with the new book and hopefully new models looming I hope to settle on one list and just have that.  Well, it's that or sell my other fantasy armies and only have this one, but I like having more than just a sea of greenskins.  Selling stuff I already have is the only way I fuel my purchases of new things.  This year I probably spent less than 100 bucks of real hard earned money.  The rest was made from selling old stuff.  This is getting harder and harder though as most of the stuff I have left are things I really like.  The only thing fueling their sell is the realization that I can never paint or play with all of it.

Almost forgot about the Grey Knight release, I bought into that army as soon as it was released before and now want to see how they expand upon the meager selections that were only in codex and lots of plastics please.  I personally am glad they did away with allies.  Small games at tournament levels should be kept in-book, while apocalypse allows for using multiple codexes to make an army that looks like the fluff and Black Library say it usually is.

Well, probably a boring post, but at leasts it's on the interwebz where I can check it out and see how I did come this time next year.  Now if only I could figure out how to live on no sleep, instead of my usual 5-6 sporadic hours, I could get that Thunderbolt done.

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Blood Angels - Dread List

Couldn't find suitable pic, so showing my Khorne Landraider again

This week I'm gonna put out a list I came up with a while back.  Everyone knows the BA codex allows the use of lots of dreadnoughts.  I wanted a list with plenty of them, but not going overboard.  There is no real fluff or story to go with this list.  I just thought it would be cool to drop a bunch of dreads on the table using Drop Pods.    On with the list:


Sanguinary Priest - meltabombs

Assault Squad # 1 - 10 dudes with 2 meltaguns - Srg with powerfist and meltabombs
Dedicated Transport - Land Raider Redeemer - multimelta

Assault Squad # 1 - 10 dudes with 2 flamers - Srg with powerfist 
Dedicated Transport - Land Raider Redeemer - multimelta

Furioso Dreadnought - Blood Talons - Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod

Furioso Dreadnought - Blood Talons - Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod

Dreadnought - Multimelta - Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod

Dreadnought - Multimelta - Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod

Dreadnought - Assault Cannon - Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod

2,000 pts
18-20 killpoints
2-4 scoring units
34 models

This list is very light on numbers of models, but is really heavy on killpoints because of all the pods.  Pretty much you just hope for a good first turn.  This means zooming the raiders as far forwards as possible(probably toward strong flank) and dropping your choice of 3 dreadnoughts on the weakest flank of the opponent.  I say this because with so few models you want to split your opponents army into two parts.  Hopefully, one of your sides will do really well and need no support.  If this happens you have two more dreads in pods to support the side of your army that falls apart.  The Sanguinary Priest rides with either unit and lends his bubble to hopefully both units.  Mephiston follows either Landraider until he gets there and then starts beating face.  Army includes enough melta to get the job done on mech with some luck and enough templates to make foot armies think twice about getting to close.

Mainly, this army relies on confusing your opponent with multiple targets.  All targets on the board will present major threats to most armies.  Three dreadnoughts in your deployment zone must be dealt with.  Also, 2 landraiders full of Assault marines must be dealt with, especially if they have the Feel No Pain and Furious Charge bubble.  Mephiston is a really big threat also.  So, it should be fun getting in there and taking names with this army.  On the other hand, three Long Fang missile squads and a bunch of lascannon Razorbacks could spoil your game before you even started good with some hot rolling.  And probably wouldn't be a good idea to just throw this army at a Vulkan-melta & TH-SS spam army.

All in all, not a real competitive army against other really competitive armies.  But, if you're just out to have a good time with some buddies, it would be something to pull out of the bag.  Hope you enjoyed seeing my take on a multiple threat army list, using lots of hard targets that don't leave you a lot of time to deal with them.  Similar lists can be made with books other than the Blood Angels, but lots of armored dreads, a couple Landraiders and Mephiston are some of the hardest units in the game, all in one book.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Crimson Fists

This week, I'm gonna do my personal favorite Space Marine Chapter, Crimson Fists.  This has been my favorite chapter of marines since I learned about 40k.  In this case I don't think the fluff pulled my in(because I didn't know what fluff was at the time), but the color scheme.  I like the striking blue with red fists colors.  I always wanted to paint a sweet army like this.  Sadly, while I have built a giant force of marine, the above terminator is my only painted one.  Oh well, I get them done before I die.

Now that I know the story behind the colors, I want my force to be post-Rynn's World.  This means I want a force consisting of staunch veterans that made it through that tragedy, while also including many scouts.  The scouts are part of the rebuilding process and are there to learn from the vets.  This means I don't take any tactical squads, only Sternguard and Termies as the veteran side.  I still get plenty of scoring units thanks to Pedro.  On with the list.

Pedro Kantor

Terminators x 10 - 2 with Cyclone Missile Launchers, one other with Chainfist

Sternguard x 10 - 3 with Combi-meltas, 2 with Missile Launchers, 1 with Powerfist
Dedicated Transport - Razorback with twin-linked Lascannons

Sternguard x 10 - 3 with Combi-plasmas, 2 with Missile Launchers, 1 with Powerfist
Dedicated Transport - Razorback with twin-linked Lascannons

Scout Squad x 10 - Heavy Bolter with Hellfire, 9 with Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks

Scout Squad x 5 - Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons, meltabombs, teleport homer

Scout Squad x 5 - Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons, meltabombs, teleport homer

Land Speeder Storm #1 - Multi-melta

Land Speeder Storm #2 - Multi-melta

Scout Bike Squad x 3 - Grenade Launcher - Power weapon - meltabombs

2,000 pts
12-16 killpoints
5-7 scoring units
57 models
All Units in army Stubborn

This army doesn't really offer a multitude of conversions to make the army standout as some of my Chaos counts-as armies do.  Decorating the veterans in the army with medals, purity seals, etc would certainly add to the look.  This army relies on a cohesive color palette to carry the look that you would be going for.  

Now for how they would perform on the table.  This army doesn't rely on any gimmicks or tricks, just solid elite choices with backup fire provided by the scouts.  Personally, in most situations I would combat squad the Terminators and both units of Sternguard.  

One unit of the Termies would have both Cyclones and Sergeant while the other would include the chainfist and four powerfists.  The unit with Cyclones would be a mini-devastator squad, setting up in cover and firing, while protecting an objective holding unit of scouts or Sternguard.  The one with Chainfists drops to a position, hopefully close to enemy using teleport homers on scout squads mounted in Storms.  They are more of a "deal with me now" unit or face 5 termies walking around ripping up your armor.  

The Sternguard combat squad with one unit consisting of the powerfist and combi-weapons.  This unit hijacks the Razorback and does its thing.  Its thing is sit back and fire the lascannons early, then move out seeking objectives and targets laters.  One of them also picks up Pedro.  Ideally, I would keep both Razorbacks close together for the Pedro "attack aura" and so there are more than 5 dudes in one place.  The two other halves of the Sternguard pick up the two missile launchers and also become mini-devastator squads, though these are scoring, so they can camp an objective.

The Scout squad with the snipers usually infiltrates(or not) and camps on an objective you hopefully placed in cover.  They will just be really annoying with great cover saves and handing out pinning checks each turn.  It would be good to keep the Cyclone strapped Termie squad near this unit for support in close combat should the enemy close.  The other two scout squads zoom up in their Land Speeders to be annoying and make sure the Termies drop in a good location.  The Storms also have multi-meltas, so if you have first turn, you can scout forward 24" before game, then pop whatever you choose in the first turn.  Of course, make sure you stop the scout move near cover and drop off scouts in this before moving out in the first turn to get within 12" of target.  This leaves the scouts with some support(the cover) and hopefully stay on the table long enough for their teleport homers to bring in the terminators.  The Scout Bikers are in the list, because they look cool.  They can outflank, I'm pretty sure, so they could come in and rear shot tanks with grenades and be a general pain in the arse.

Well, there's my "lot longer than I expected" tactical thoughts on this army.  This army would definitely take some practice to play well.  And there are lots more options on the tactical side that I didn't mention.  In general, this army could be played many, many different ways without changing any models.  With lots of practice, you could develop different tactics for different situations, scenarios, opposing armies, etc.  Ideally, this is what I want in all my armies.  I want the same army list to be capable of handling many different challenges without changing the list.  It keeps the boring part out of the picture and keeps opponents(even regular ones) guessing at what you will do this time.  This list isn't just a spammed army of the 2 best units in a given codex, where the only tactical changes you can make are "Should I reserve" or "Should I not reserve".  

This kinda starts another topic of how to build great "all-comers" lists.  A great "all-comer" lists doesn't have to include flamers for hordes, melta for tanks, tanks for mobility, psykers for anti-psyker work, you get the idea.  A great "all-comers" list just needs "adaptability".  The great thing about adaptability is that GW is now building this into their new codexes, you just have to know where to look.  This means using some special characters to open up new abilities, using units that can change there setups from game to game without changing the army list, i.e. combat squadding, units that have special rules like scout and infiltrate that allow moving forward before game, setting up outside your deployment zone or coming in from reserve on board edges.  This is adaptability.  But this type of army will require lots of practice so you can hone your skills at using the right special ability at the right time.  Otherwise, you could look like a fool with an army consisting or all different units that have no idea how to work together to achieve a common goal, this goal being winning.

Okay, I'm gonna stop rambling right there.  You may have picked up a little bit of my thought process that goes into writing army lists that I would actually want to build and play with for a while.

Wow, just checked the preview and that is one helluva text wall, good luck and thanks for reading the blog if you got this far.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lelith Hesperax: I had to paint one Dark Eldar model.

Today, I'm showing you the Lelith Hesperax model that I painted up a couple weeks ago.  I had been wanting to give a new Dark Eldar model a paintjob.  I knew from the moment of release this wouldn't be an army that I wanted to paint an entire force of.  When one of my friends decided to start the Dark Eldar, I picked up this model and put some paint to it as a gift.  I'll probably do a couple more characters for him, as it was a definite change of style needed than anything I had ever painted previously.  This model is tiny when you start painting it.  And line highlighting neatly is very difficult for me.  I feel it looks a little better in real life and am still bothered with photographing minis.  It is a very hard thing to do well.  

I was also enticed by a painting competition that was going to be held over at Spiky Bits.  So, I ordered the model and put a couple hours of time into it, then more time photographing.  Finally, I was pretty happy with it and sent it in to the competition.  As you can see in this link apparently my entry was lost.  This is pretty upsetting as I feel I had a chance to finish in the top three.  I couldn't have won the thing, but it would have been nice to get some votes.  Either way, I now need to send this off to my friend so this chick can kick some faces in on the tabletop.

There are some more pics below.  Check them out and see what you think.  I do wish they were part of the competition I entered, but whatever.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Nightlords Jump List

This week I'm gonna post some more Chaos stuff as they are the awesome.  This is a Nightlords list that I have mostly built.  However, this list uses the Blood Angels Codex to fit the theme of fast raiding Nightlords.  Above is my version of Dante, who will lead the army.  I am working on getting the parts to convert up the unit of Sanguinary Guard in the same style, all with Possessed wings.  

My outlook on the Nightlords gives me the impression that they would just fall from the sky under cover of darkness, all the while yelling obscenities and smashing right into the enemy.  They are very stealthy and do lightning fast raiding then withdraw.  The Blood Angels allows this perfectly.  They can have all jump infantry as troops and with Descent of Angels can take a few risk getting close on the drop.  Check out the list:



Sanguinary Guard x 5 - 1 with Banner, 1 with powerfist, 3 with infernus pistols

Sanguinary Priests x 3 - All 3 have jumppacks - 1 with powerweapon & hand flamer - 1 with powersword - 1 with powerfist

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with meltaguns - Srg with powerweapon

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with flamers - Srg with pair of lightning claws

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with meltaguns - Srg with powerfist

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with plasma pistols - Srg with powerweapon & plasmapistol

2,000 pts
50 models
10 killpoints 
5 scoring units

I have already built the 40 raptors that I am using as Assault marines for this army.  In fact, I built these during 3rd edition when the Chaos codex had special rules for Nightlords players allowing this many.  I swapped a couple special weapons, but otherwise they are the same as before.  I have also converted a Sanguinor and Dante from Possessed parts and will do the same for the Sanguinary Guard and probably same for priest with modifications.  I think all of these are easily recognizable as their Blood Angel counterparts and should have little bearing on gameplay with most opponents.

For this list I chose a couple of high points costs HQs.  I know I could swap Sanguinor for another whole unit of raptors but that would require 10 more models and money.  Plus he is pretty awesome and if anything will give something to soak wounds for army since they drop and sit for a turn.  I took a fair amount of special weapons and with some good drops should be able to knock down a few tanks or key enemy units initially.  Dante will drop with Sanguinary Guard and infernus pistols to pretty much guarantee dead target on drop.  The priests will be split up around the army to offer their services of course.  Pretty much the plan is drop as much stuff in the opponents face as possible, then weather the storm and hopefully have enough left to finish the job.  If not, whatever, it's a game and this style will offer a great story at least.

I obviously like this list as I am currently building it, so let me know what you think.  And I know just another jump army, but at least it's Chaos and not a bunch of followers of the False Emperor.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Iron Warriors

For this week's Hobby list I'm heading back in the Chaos direction, but this time actually using the Chaos Codex.  Also, this week I am trying to come up with a format for this weekly post that makes sense instead of my usual ramblings.  I am trying to use the following "template" when posting these.

Fluff Thoughts/Considerations
Army List
Conversion/Modelling Ideas
Tactical Thoughts/Ideas

This week I'm going with an Iron Warriors theme.  I feel like the Iron Warriors should carry weapons that will bust aside heavy fortifications.  This means meltas up close and lascannons from afar, but also with flamers to clear bunkers and the like.  This gives a variety of options, so more modelling possibilities.  I also think they should have very advanced technology that is augmented by service to Chaos.  This means bionics, custom force fields, Obliterators, etc.  On with the list:

Fabius Bile

Dreadnought with twin-linked lascannons, missile launcher and extra armor

Chaos Terminators x4 - Combi-melta/Powerfist, Combi-melta/Power weapon, Heavy Flamer/Chainfist,     Combi-bolter/Power weapon - All with Mark of Tzeentch
Dedicated Transport - Land Raider with extra armour for termies and Fabius Bile

CSM x10 - Champ with Powerfist/meltabombs, Plasmagun, Lascannon, Icon of Chaos Glory-Fabius Bile Enhancements
Dedicated Transport - Rhino

CSM x 10 - Champ with Powerfist/meltabombs, 2 meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory-Fabius Bile Enhancements
Dedicated Transport - Rhino

Lesser Daemons x 10

Predator - Twin linked lascannons, Lascannon sponsons, extra armor

Vindicator - extra armor

Obliterators x 3

2,000 pts
44 models
3 scoring units
12 killpoints

Okay, so some of those were obvious choices for Iron Warriors, i.e. the Dreadnought, Predator, Land Raider, Vindicator, and Obliterators.  I chose Fabius Bile as I think his enhancements could be modelled as "tech enhancements" that augments the squads abilities, instead of "organic enhancements".  I would also convert some sort of tech priest gone Chaos like fellow to represent Fabius Bile.  Also I gave the Terminators the mark of Tzeentch, not because they worship him, but because I think this would show better technology gives better invulnerable save to the termies.  The Lesser Daemons were the last part of the modelling to show technology.  These could all be modelled as Chaos like servitors that are teleported into battle using the Icons(teleport homers) in the units.

This army also wouldn't be terrible on the tabletop.  It is essentially "meched up", with the addition of Oblits and Daemons deepstriking in at some point.  The Vindicator, Predator and Dreadnought hug cover and blast things to pieces.  I also like to use a unit like the plasmagun/lascannon one to park on objectives and blast their weapons from the hatch.  After one turn of movement they have good range and strength to take down high armor targets.  They can also be supported by the daemons if need be.  The other unit rolls out with the Land Raider to get in opponents face and take down targets with melta, fists, etc.  They could also be supported by daemons if they get in trouble and the other unit is in good shape.  Either of these units can be supported by deepstriking Obliterators if you choose to reserve them.  Pretty simple army with tools to deal with anything if used correctly.

If I had to reduce the size of this army I would start by dropping the Predator and maybe an Obliterator or some daemons to get to 1,750 pts.  Going up to 2,500 I would probably add more Termies in a Landraider and try to squeeze in a Summoned Greater Daemon modelled up into some sort of  high tech daemon engine.

Well, theres another list that would be neat to build and play, offering something for the hobbyist and gamer in me.  I love building and converting models and making army lists that fit the fluff of the chosen army.  However, when I play I do not want to lose every game, so my lists never get neutered to the point of pure fluff/theme.  And if I am going to lose, I would rather not lose with the "best list on the internet" because that will get you picked on.

What do you think?  Crappy list and theme or fit okay with the use of Fabius Bile.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Biker Boyz

This week I am going to throw out a small Ork list, mainly because I have been very busy and it should be a quick write-up.  I'm sure this exact list has been built and played to death, but it fits my "Hobby List" theme perfectly.  This list is based around the Nob Biker concept, super-low model count(for Orks) and awesome chance for conversions and personality.  I feel that by the time a Nob takes up being part of a biker mob he has collected trophies and earned enough teef that each would have something that sets them apart from the others.  Whether this be a nice gun, trophies, armour, bits and bobs on the bike, whatever.  Well, on with the list.

Nob Biker List

Warboss - Warbike, Power Klaw, Shoota-scorcha, cybork body, eavy armour, bosspole
Warboss - same as above
Nob Bikers x 10 - Painboy with Orderly - All have Cybork bodies - 4 have power klaws - 3 have shoota-scorchas - all have eavy armour - Waagh Banner - Bosspole - 2 with Big Choppas
Nob Bikers x 10 - all same as above but only 2 with shoota-scorchas
Kommandos x 13 - Snikrot - 2 with Burnas

2,000 pts
35 models
5 Killpoints
2 Scoring Units

As far as modelling this list goes. First you would spread around the wargear to help with wound allocation in the list.  This army would need to be heavily converted as there are no real Nob biker models except for a few Forgeworld ones that could be sprinkled in.  Also, converting up and painting some awesome Ork ninjas(Kommandos) would also be fun.  Would be a fun list overall to model up and paint as each model needs character to fit the storyline of the Orks.  And you could probably bash a few skulls with this on the tabletop to.

This list could be played full reserves or start 2 bike squads on table and let the other guy worry about what Snikrot and his boyz will do when they come in behind you.  Turboboost first turn to a flank and second turn start chewing the other guy up in combat.  Hopefully, you will be able to multi-charge units where possible, because you don't want to own the unit in your turn and get rapid fired on by an entire army in the next.  With the klaws and furious charge you should be able to give the razorback and chimera parking lots a bit of worry, well if they didn't shoot down most of your army first turn.  Of course just a few nobs and a warboss are pretty bad news if all you have in the tanks are 5 man marine squads and guardsmen.  I like how this list just gives two "hard as nails" targets on the board and another scary unit coming in behind the opponent's army.  The bikers should be in combat by turn 2 and the Kommandos are just there to support the side that takes the most punishment early game.

Well, hope you see where I will continue to head with this "Hobby List of the Week" thing.  I am trying to think of a semi-template to help control my ramblings.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Conversion #3

Here is the last of my three Chaos Lords on Juggernauts.  This guy is armed with Wolf Claw, Storm Shield and usual.  Again I built up the base to give the "unit" a cohesive look.  Now for the bitz used in this one if you care.

Legs are plastic Khorne Berzerker
Torso is FW Khorne Berzerker
Head is also FW Khorne Berzerker
Backpack is CSM
Right arm is Raptor Lightning Claw arm
Left arm is CSM bolter arm
Shield is Fantasy Warriors of Chaos
Left Shoulderpad is FW Khorne Berzerker

So not as many different parts as last.

Another short post today.  I hope tomorrow to get up my new list for my new series "Hobby List of the Week" that I started last week.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Conversion #2

Here is the second of my Chaos lord on Juggernaut conversions.  This fella is armed with a Frost Blade and Storm Shield, plus extra goodies I don't remember because they are not modeled.  Again I built up the base with cork tiles to give a little more intimidating stance to the model.  To be honest this is my least favorite of the three for some reason. 

This model also has a collection of parts from many ranges listed below:
Legs are CSM
Torso front is also CSM
Torso back is from older Space Wolf sprue
Shield is from Fantasy Warriors of Chaos as the other
Head is Khorne Berzerker
Backpack is CSM
Chain is from Wal-mart
Loincloth(chain?) is from CSM
Shoulderpad is Khorne Berzerker plastic
Left arm is CSM bolter arm
Right arm is Fantasy Marauder arm
Frost Blade is bit from Be'lakor the Fantasy Daemon Prince(you used to be able to bit order awesome bitz like this, so I've had it for a while)

I think that is all the bitz used in construction.  I am very poor in the Green Stuff Fu department so most of my conversions are really just kit bashes that I try to blend together to make a cohesive looking figure.  There are a couple more views below.

Well, there you go a quicker post than my usual ramblings.  I'll get the third guy up tomorrow with a group shot and the Chaos Fenrisian Wolves I'm using.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Conversion #1

Okay, this is the first of three Chaos Lords I have converted on Juggernauts.  These will be used as Wolf Lords on Thunderwolves of course.  I have had these built for a while and Black Matt over at Black Matt's Black Legion Blog had posted a few pics of my stuff including some of these.  Since then I have found some small chain at the trusty Wal-mart and added this.  These are built to simulate riding a bull standing up(yeah no easy cover saves with these, oops).  The real purpose is that I can now just pop these off(they're only pinned with no glue) and use them on normal bases as Chaos Lords, well and I am a little lazy and didn't want to source proper legs for sitting, sculpting saddle, etc.  

This first one is armed with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield and the usual goodies.  He is built with parts from several ranges of GW minis.  The hammer is from Ogre Kingdoms, the shield is a Fantasy Chaos warrior one, the backpack is old school CSM, the right arm is old school Possessed arm(muscled to handle weight of hammer), wolf pelt from older Space Wolves set, head is Fantasy Chaos Warrior, chain tabbard is Chaos Terminator Lord kit, legs are from Khorne Berzerker kit, shoulderpads are Forgeworld Khorne Berzerkers, and that's about all I remember.  I wanted to make the bases on these more dramatic using some cork tile and old Rhino door.  This gives him a very aggressive pose which I like.  This is the most feral and menacing looking one I made and probably my favorite of the three(two of which I will be posting later this week).  Below are a couple more views.


Well, that's the first one of the three.  I'll have the others up in the next couple days.  I hope you like it, even if the standing pose is a little ridiculous and over the top.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Introduction

Forgeworld Berzerkers with Landraider

One of my favorite parts of the hobby is to write up lists.  I am always scheming some kind of list from various army books depending on which Codex I am reading at the time.  I always buy every codex and army book for 40k and Fantasy and read each cover to cover.  While I don't always have time to sit down and build/paint models, I do usually spend 15-30 minutes reading each night before bed.

Where I differ as more of a hobbyist than gamer is that I like to write up lists that fit what I have read, not what will kick butt on the table(though I want some nuts in my list because I don't like to lose every time I play either).  I enjoy making lists and building a cool looking army to fit the "theme" that I am going for.  I have stacks of lists written and not all get built of course.  I thought I would start a weekly post showing these lists that I am always writing up.  I will just call this "Hobby" instead of "Theme" because I want to show lists that would be fun to build  and offer lots of conversion for hobby minded gamers.  "Theme" lists get thrown around a lot nowadays and not everyone's idea of a theme list is the same as mine(like 34 plasmaguns in IG army is NOT a theme list to me).  Below I will show a list I came up with to introduce what I will try to put across each week.  I plan on showing a list and giving some ideas for the conversions/model choice and fluff aspects of said list.  I am shooting for 2,000 pt lists each week and will give ideas on what to trim or add to change the size of the army.

The first one I will start with is a Khorne-themed and modeled Chaos army, but using the Blood Angels Codex.  The list will show why I think this codex choice is appropriate.

Astorath the Grim
     Use the Astorath model for this shaving BA symbols.  This model is Chaos looking and opens up the Death Company to more than 0-1.

Reclusiarch - plasma pistol - meltabombs
     Use the Kharn the Betrayer model for this.  He will add some hitting power and rerolls on everything for the Death Company unit he joins.

Sanguinary Priest - Terminator Armor
     For this use the Forgeworld Lord Zhufor model, which looks sweet.  Give Feel No Pain and Furious Charge to Terminator unit.

Assault Termies x7 - 6 with Lightning Claws - 1 with Thunderhammer & SS(maybe 5 to 2, not sure)
     Dedicated Transport - Land Raider Crusader - Multimelta
          This unit would be converted using Chaos Termies and Forgeworld Khorne Termie Torsos and the Landraider would be a Space marine Crusader with Chaos bits and Forgeworld doors.

Death Company x 8 - 1 with powerweapon, 1 with powerfist
     Dedicated Transport - Land Raider Redeemer - multimelta
         This unit would be converted with CSM and the Forgeworld World Eater Torso set.  Landraider converted like above.  Also uses Khorne's lucky number of eight in the unit.

Death Company x 8 - 1 with powerweapon, 1 with powerfist
     Dedicated Transport - LandRaider
          Same modelling as above.

2,000 pts
10 Killpoints
30 models
0 Scoring Units

Okay, so that's the small model count, no scoring unit, triple landraider rush list.  Yes it will probably get crushed every game played in your head where every opponent is packing a Leafblower style IG list.  Okay, realistically in normal gaming environments with your friends, this would be a very fun list to run.  And with such a low model count you can go crazy with all Forgeworld stuff, detailed paintwork or other nice conversions.  The Blood Angels Codex fits the Khorne theme very nicely and the ruleset makes these guys crazy bloodthirsty killers, which is what you should be going for in a Khorne-oriented army.

I will flesh out this "Hobby List" idea more in the coming weeks with a wide variety of lists from several codexes.  This was just a quick rundown of some of the ideas I have in store for this weekly posts.

How do you feel about building armies, would you rather build a super-competitive army that crushes all the teenagers at the FLGS or build a sweet looking, low model count list that puts every part of the hobby to the test.  Personally, this is one of my favorite list from those I have written, as it would look awesome on the table, and each model could get extra attention.  KILL, MAIM, BURN.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Selling Reminder: 40k & Fantasy on Ebay

Thought I would put up a quick post to my items I am currently selling on Ebay.  The auctions include a Wood Elf Fantasy army and lots of 40k.  The 40k stuff is mostly just single miniatures and characters from the Daemonhunter, Imperial Guard and IG range.  Check out the link at .  At this point most of it is down to a couple days left on the auction.

I'll get back to the real hobby posts soon.  I have been spending most of my hobby time on one big project that will be making its way here soon as a series of articles.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How to: Hairspray and Salt Weathering Technique

 Today I'm gonna show you how I went about trying some weathering techniques for the first time.  I "borrowed" the models from my cousin for this experiment so I wouldn't mess up my own. Haha, sucker.  I'm gonna go through the pics and give my step by step for this method.  At the end I'll go over a couple things I learned that worked really well and a couple things that didn't go so well.

First up are the tools needed for this technique.  Above you can see the salt that I used for this.  It is very irregular in size and shape, so perfect for this.  Also it happened to be free as it was in the cupboard.  It does only costs a few bucks for 3 lbs though.  Below you can see that I used a Ruddy Brown primer from Wal-mart that costs 3 bucks.  This would give me a rusty, dirty look after weathering.  I also bought a 2 dollar can of hairspray, also from the walmart.  I was also using this exercise as an excuse for practicing some more with the airbrush, but you could just use some spray colors to get your desired effect.  You will also need an old toothbrush, some warm water and a toothpick is helpful.

 First prime all models used with the Ruddy Brown Primer

 Next spray a light coat of hairspray on the models and quickly sprinkle with salt before it dries

 Don't spray to many parts at once, just one at a time, then salt, then move on

 Top of Hammerhead after spraying and salting

 Side view

 Pic of bottom

 Next I airbrushed a light basecoat and then a darker pattern camouflage.  I need more airbrush practice, first time doing anything other than basecoating.

 Here you can see the salt still under paint, be careful while painting not to knock this off

After scrubbing the salt off using toothbrush and warm water.  You can also use the brush to weather the edges more if wanted. 

 Side view after weathering

 Other side view

 Rear view

 Bottom view

 This even worked on a couple crisis suits

The other Crisis suit

Group Hug Photo

Okay, so that was easy.  These four models only took me a couple hours from start to finish including waiting on everything to dry.  Granted i haven't touched any of these with a paintbrush yet, but they are definitely tabletop quality and ready to go with 3 colors.  Not perfect, but hey it's wear and tear after a long campaign.  Now for what I learned through this process to do better the technique.

1.  The undercoat can be any color you like, I just used the ruddy brown because it would show up well through light undercoat.
2.  You only need a very light coat of hairspray.  Don't overdo this step. 
3.  Make sure you let the hairspray dry for at least an hour depending on how much you applied.  I got to excited on this step and had some paint cracking issues.  I was able to cover these up with more coats, but I noticed on another model I did later that with a very light coat of hairspray and a longer dry time I had none of this.
4.  Let the paint dry for at least an hour after you apply over hairspray.  Again I got to excited here and in some places the paint came off too easily.   
5.  When brushing off the salt with toothbrush and warm water, DO NOT saturate the model over large areas.  On a separate project I had used to much hairspray and to much water.  This released most of the paint and I had to use a hair dryer to dry before it just flaked off.
6.  It is also very easy to remove the salt with a toothpick.  Just use the side and rub off.  This is also a great tool for weathering edges.  Just dip in water and rub the edges with side.  Paint easily comes off and looks great.

Well, I hope this has inspired you to try some simple weathering.  I would suggest you practice on some spare tank parts before going at a Landraider, etc.  It is very easy to do and gives good results.  The model I did after these worked out really well and I will be showing it off later.  If you have any questions about the process or if I left something unclear let me know in the comments and I'll try to give you an answer.  This was my first time doing this, but I feel like I learned a lot in the process that could help others not make the same mistakes I did.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Again Wanting New Stuff: Selling Wood Elf Army

 Well the time has come to sacrifice another army to my wants/desires.  I have been thinking hard about what I really want to keep and will have time to paint in my lifetime.  This time it is the Wood Elves that will hit the block.  I am going to put these on Ebay in a few days, but thought I would give someone the chance to get these at a good deal.  As with all the things I sell, I like to get back 65-70 percent of the retail value so I can "invest" in some new models or in this case rulebooks.  I am trying to catch up my 40k Codex collection as well as find the remaining books I need in the Legends of the Old West series from Warhammer Historicals.

I have some close-up pics of each unit if anyone wants to see them, but this army includes everything from the Wood Elf Army box that was released when the army book came out a few years ago as well as some extras.  I have:
Unit of 8 Glade Riders - built
10 of the old Wardancers
6 of the new Wardancers
12 of the old Waywatchers
3 new Warhawk Riders
2 Great Eagles- one built-one unbuilt
1 Warhawk
Some parts to make a Lord for steed - old metal model
Some parts to make a mage for warhawk - old metal model
Female mage - old metal model
Limited Std Bearer from army box
Lord with great wpn - new one
Floating mage - new one
Bits for Glade guard unbuilt below-how many came in army box?
Bits for dryads unbuilt below - however many came in army box?
Twilight Sisters on dragon - unopened in box shown
There may be other things in pic I didn't note

Well that's all of the Wood elves I have.  I will sell the entire army or just parts if you want certain things and not others.  The deal will be better for more models.  I'll give it a week on here then put the remaining on Ebay.  Email me at ctreleheb AT gmail DOT com if you're interested in any of this.  Next army on the block will be my 14,000 pts of fully built Fantasy Orcs & Goblins.  I'll post some stuff on them in the near future.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do you play with "counts-as" armies to Win or Save Money?

Initially this post was just gonna show some pictures of some of my Chaos models that I had taken and never got around to posting about.  But then I started thinking about the great things about Chaos and using them for the multitude of power armoured armies out there.  I think lately with the release of Blood Angels and Space Wolves there are lots of Chaos guys out there that feel left out.  Chaos is probably the easiest army out there to use as a "counts-as" army.  All parts from every space marine model out there can be used in conversions. Below I will show some pics of models I have converted and what they are in the Chaos codex and what they can be in other books as well.  Some models will be easily moved from book to book while others may only serve one purpose.  This is okay, just don't try to pass off some half a$$ effort to make a model something it's not just so you can pull one over on your opponent for an easy win.  I only play with a small group so it is easier for me to play counts-as without looking like a jerk.  

 Iron Warriors Dreadnought, easily used in all books without discrepancy as is case with any Dreadnought

Another view, I like this model

Chaos lord with wings, Librarian, Chaplain, SM Captain, stretch to Dante in Blood Angels 

Chaos Sorcerer with wings, Librarian, Chaplain, SM Captain, stretch to Sanguinor in BA Codex 

Chaos Termies used as Abaddon's Bodyguard, Wolf Guard Termies counts-as 

Fantasy Pestigors used as Lesser Daemons in Chaos Codex, okay so just one use

I have more examples just no pics, like Plague Marines as Grey Hunters, Raptors as Assault Marines, Rhinos as Rhinos, Landraiders as Landraiders, etc.

I love building me some Chaos models as they are fun to build and look sweet.  I see no problem using most of the ones I have as other things using other rulebooks.  I don't do this to win, but to open up playing possibilities to vary my games.  This can also give insight into other armies that you may encounter and give you ideas on how to beat them using the ole' Chaos 'dex.  And if you're really into to Chaos stuff why not play with 3 or 4 different codexes to keep the game fresh but building and painting the models you enjoy the most. Which is what is important, this is a hobby after all.  And maybe you'll even save some money, but probably not if you're like me and want lots of this cool stuff.

So, in conclusion,  I think it's okay to use counts-as armies to a degree.  I still want the equipment be the same regardless of books.  It doesn't matter if the plasmagun has a few spikes on it or not, just that it is a plasmagun and not a meltagun or whatever you put in the guys hands. I think when playing "counts-as" that WYSIWIG is the most important element, not whether they worship Khorne or the Emperor.

Do you think all of the above models fit into the categories I put them in or do you think I am stretching the boundaries?  On the other hand do you think the boundary could be pushed further with some of them?  I know there are other ways to do a "counts-as" army besides using power armored dudes, but I think this is by far the most easily acceptable way in gaming circles.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photographing Minis: How much can Shutter Speed effect your lighting?

Okay, so while working on this series of articles about photographing my minis I took a lot of pics in one evening for the article specifically.  And, in my opinion, none of them were as good as the ones I usually take.  Which sucks because I really thought I had it figured out and could help point some people in the right direction.  My methods may still help you, but don't stick to exact parameters and expect same results.  I did my usual thing exactly, but the difference being at night instead of in front of a window during the day as normal.  Maybe this changed the way my lightbox works and the lack of light between lens and box or whatever.  So, I guess my point is, sometimes I make what I think are pretty good pics and other times mediocre pics while doing the same thing with only slight variations in room lighting.  I do the same thing almost every time with varying results every time.  This still puzzles me and I am gonna come up with a real system that works every time the same.  Until then, maybe this post will help with part of the puzzle.  

This post is gonna show how much changing only the shutter speed can change the picture dramatically.  Below are a series of pics that were all taken back to back changing only the shutter speed.  I will note in the captions, some have been edited and altered to a suitable state of posting, but are still not what I like to get. I will not get into the numbered settings of my shutter speed as the same speed can take entirely different pics in different lighting conditions.  My previous post shows some pics taken a while back using same methods that are much better in my opinion.

Taken with long shutter speed
Resized, cropped, lighting corrected version of above

Slightly shorter than above

Again slightly less than above

And another with less than above-getting closer

Resized, Cropped, Lighting corrected version of above-decent

Shorter still speed than above

Resized, Cropped, Lighting corrected version of above-probably best of night, but still color is off

As shutter speed increases, light decreases more

And shorter still speed and lighting darkens significantly

Well, maybe this little segment on shutter speed effects will help you in your own search of taking the perfect mini pic.  I know I still have a lot to learn and will continue to look for new ways to be more consistent with taking better pics.

My next foray into better pics will involve working more with a macro function, but with manual settings.  If this helps then I am gonna try to learn more about white balance settings and see if this will help even more.