Friday, July 24, 2009

At a Standstill

Well, I haven't really been devoting much time to the hobby lately due to real life getting in the way. Working 12 hours per day, spending time with the family and having to move on two weeks notice has put hobby time down to zero. On the plus side, while moving I have found a few cool bitz I had forgotten about and will have a more organized area to work in a week or two, after settling in the mother-in-law's. Hopefully soon I can get back into painting Project DeathGuard(and post the progress) and finish building a few other units I plan on adding to my Chaos Space Marine army so everything I want will be built at least. After that it's back to my Crimson Fists for a bit to round them out, then dunno maybe back to Fantasy or keep with the 40k. Either way it's gonna be a while.

In other more exciting news, yesterday morning I showed up to work and reklawsj had the bag of my much anticipated ForgeWorld order that we had ordered a while back. Little did I know he had ordered me an Imperial Thunderbolt fighter that I had been wanting for a long time now. This was a great gift to receive totally by surprise and I am super excited to get started on this beast to give my Imperials a little air support. Also in the bag was my World Eater Conversion Set, Khorne Chain Axes, and some World Eaters LandRaider Doors. I was pretty excited about these till the Thunderbolt came out of the box.

Well, that's all for now gotta get some sleep so I can spend the next two days moving everything that is left.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Next Stop Semifinals for the Sallies

As ctreleheb pointed out we competed in our first Ard Boyz game last weekend. Here's a quick rundown of what happened and the list I used. I'm acutally quite proud of my list. I know I'll see a lot of people in the semi final round trying to spam out Vulkan with a lot of Land Speeders and Attack Bikes but my army stays pretty true to fluff.

Alright first round. First game was against a young kid playing Chaos. I pretty much walked through his army as he was not prepared for Ard Boyz at all when he showed up at the store. He was definetly using some bold strategies in his army, like walking right towards an immobolized Redeemer's flamestorm cannons with Emperor's Childrn only to be burned to a crisp. In the end it was a Massacre.

Next game was against some Orks. This game was very scary for me becasue I have never played Orks before and had heard nothing but of how tough they were especially with Nob Bikers. Luckily this guy a good sport and didn't use them. In the end my Chaplain and LC Terminators killed Ghazghkull Thraka and Nob squad while Vulkan and TH/SS Termies took out another Warboss and Nob squad. Utter Massacre but I did find a cool opponent in the process.

Last game. This game was against Orks again! It was supposed to be against the complaining Black Templar guy that ctreleheb referred to but somehow it worked out that I had to play this guy. His army was very cheesy. 3 Battlewaggons made from what looked like Tonka toys and 3 Truks made from old toys cars. He was good friends with the guy running the tournament so he was still allowed to play. And luckily he had a Nob Biker squad. In the end I recieved a minor loss because I failed to contest his objective. Nob Bikers are tough and killed my chappy squad, two tactical squads, and dread but not before the Dread squashed his Warboss's head in his hand.

So first place for me. $60 bucks just for playing a game is never bad. And in a game against someone other that ctreleheb.

Oh and here's the list I used

w/ 5 TH/SS termies
in Redeemer

w/ 5 LC termies
in LR

4x 10 man Tactical Squad
w/ meltagun, multimelta, combimelta
in Rhino

w/ mystics


w/ multi melta, heavy flamer
in Drop Pod

Friday, July 17, 2009

Local '09 'Ardboyz Preliminary Results

Reklawsj and I played in the local 'ardboyz prelims at the local Hobbytown but have been working too much to post something on this earlier. This is the closest place for us to play being a little over an hour from home so we needed to do well to be worth it. I haven't played a pickup game against anyone since 4th edition came out and reklawsj has never played a random person, only myself and a couple other friends. So to get prepared we went down the weekend before and played a game each but with armies of different races than we were going to use in the tournament.

When tournament day came we got there early ready to play. I took along a dual lash prince plus nurgle list with oblits and vindies and reklawsj took along his Vulkan-led Salamanders.

My first game came against another nurgle army led by Abaddon and Kharn in LR full of berzerkers. I came out scoring a massacre with 2 bonus points. My second game came against Black Templars with 5 LandRaiders, 2 Vindies and a Landspeeder. I played very tentatively trying to save killpoints by going second and keeping everything in reserve. This didn't work because in the second turn my Greater Deamon came in from reserve with no host on the table and was lost, so 5 points lost before I even started. Not being geared for LR killing I was massacred. In the third game I played an Ork horde with BW and scored a very closely fought Minor Victory. This could have been a Major Victory if I had remembered the Run rule because I finished the game only 4" from an objective that could have been contested.

So in the end I finished in a respectable fourth place. I should have been in third but the opponent I played with Black Templars had been massacred in his first game came out of it with a tie. This was due to his complaining so much about a model in his opponent's army that wasn't WYSIWYG. After a full hour of complaining and pleading the tournament organizers gave him a tie to satisfy him and he beat me by 7 points. So in the end no semi-final round for me. On the upside reklawsj finished in first with 2 massacres and a minor victory.

Final Results:
1st - Salamanders w/Vulkan(Massacre, Massacre, Minor Victory)
2nd - Nurgle Chaos - (Total Loss(to me, haha), Massacre, Massacre)
3rd - Black Templars - (Tie(cheap, should be total loss), Massacre, Tie)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shameless Ebay Plug: Selling Beasts of Chaos

I'm in "dire need" of some new models to finish up my Chaos Space Marines and Space Marine armies so I'm now sacrificing my Beasts of Chaos army to the ebay gods. Thought I would post the link to my auctions so you could check it out or a have a friend interested in Beasts to check it out. All these models are fully built with only 5 of them painted. The auctions are for 2 Beastlords, 2 Bray Shamans, a unit of Pestigors and 3 units of Beastmen. Well the link is:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tzeentch: The 'Ardest of Boyz

Hello all, it's been a while since my last post but I was waiting for a good oppurtunity. Yesterday I played in a 'practice' round of ard boyz at a local gaming store. Our game was scenario 3, which was Drawn and Quartered. I was playing with my new Tzeentch list for the very first time against the new and supposedly unbeatable IG. I had just recived this lot of Tzeentch players from an ebay purchase just a few days before so this was all new to me. The following is the list I came up with:

Daemon Prince
Mark of Tzeentch
Bolt of Change

Sorcerer Lord
plasma pistol
Bolt of Change

Aspiring Sorcer
8 Thousand Sons
Bolt of Change
Personal Icon
in Rhino

Aspiring Sorcer
8 Thousand Sons
Bolt of Change
Personal Icon
in Rhino

10 CSM
2 plasma guns
Aspiring Champ
w/ powerfist
w/ combit melta
in Rhino

10 CSM
2 flamers
Aspiring champ
w/ powerfist
w/ combi flamer
in Rhino

Aspiring Sorcerer
8 Thousand Sons
bolt of change
personal icon
(riding with Sorcerer Lord in Land Raider)

Land Raider
extra armor

3 Obliterators

twin linked lascannons
sponson lascannons

2502 pts
14 kp
5 scoring units

And that's it. All I can say is that Tzeentch may not be the best at melee, but good luck trying to move them. I weathered 5 Leman Russ BattleTanks for 6 turns and still took both objectives and got more kill pts. So in conclusion, my first game with the Changer of Ways was a massacre. Much blood was spilled for him on this day, eat your heart out Khorne.