Thursday, August 27, 2009

Khorne Lord with Bloodfeeder Conversion

Below is a pic of the Khorne Lord I converted to have a Bloodfeeder Daemon Weapon. I used Khorne Berzerker plastic legs with a Forgeworld torso conversion set I had leftover from squad. The Bloodfeeder is actually an inquisitor scale chainsword I had a bag full of laying around that I had forgotten about. The hands holding a sword were the hardest part of this conversion and still aren't as straight as I wanted but not really noticeable. I like the Bloodfeeder chance at lots of attacks, even if he'll probably roll a 1 everytime. When I do use this guy he's gonna ride in the landraider the Kharn and 8 berzerkers.

Below is a pic of Kharn the Betrayer that I built from a terribly painted and built model I got for a few bucks on ebay. Had to sit in Simple Green for a week to get stripped and couldn't even salvage the right arm, so had to use plastic replacement. He'll ride with the Berzerker squad in the Landraider.

Next time I'll post pics of the 5 characters I built last week. Haven't even touched a model since saturday. Been busy with real life. I do have a 20 man Chaos Marine Squad on foot in progress and hope to finish this weekend.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chosen Squad Rhino Conversion with Pics

Below are some pics of the Rhino I built for the Chosen Squad I posted earlier. I added a combi-flamer to it and some skull plates like the landraider. I added the banner as a symbol that this is Huron's ride. The banner is just pinned so it is easily removable. I took these pics in the photobox with the same setup as previously posted, but had to quickfix the lighting in photoshop. Soon I hope to experiment with different/more lighting and maybe play with some white balance settings as I see others speak of. I will eventually post my efforts in comparison, which could become my first informative post.

Lately I have been in a chaos character building mood and have built many in the past week. None are painted, but I will post pics soon nonetheless.

Monday, August 24, 2009

So, I Built a Photobox

I feel like my picture quality has been kinda up and down on the blog and wanted to standardize the way I take them. I usually just put a sheet of paper up and take the pic with the camera on a tripod with the shutter speed maxed and the timer on. Recently, I have been lazy and just snapped pics on the desk. I have seen a few people make these photoboxes and thought it would be an easy way to get up on my picture quality. Below are the pics of my setup. I used a cardboard box and cut openings in two sides and top then covered these on the outside with parchment paper. These inside I just lined with printer paper as seen. I thought this would just make it point and shoot but it's not. I'm having trouble with to much light or to much shadow. For the pics I post I always crop in photoshop and do the quickfix option which fixes my lighting problem most of the time. I have yet to shoot any pics of painted models in this box, only just built ones and am not very impressed. What do you guys do to take high quality pics of your models? Does anyone have a setup like this? Do you have to use the quickfix for lighting correction and is this a good alternative to not having a good lighting setup?

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Straken and Harker Models on Advanced Order

I just saw the new Iron Hand Straken model and the new Sergeant Harker models up on the GW site for advanced order. Everyones seen the pics before, but they are still some great models for the IG range that I'll be adding to my massive IG army when it comes off the backburner. The link is here

As soon as I have time to upload some pics I have a lot of things to post that I built this week on the chaos side of things.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chaos Chosen Squad Pics

Below are some pics of the Chosen squad I finished converting up a couple days ago. This squad is kitted out with 4 flamers and a champion with powersword and boltpistol. I plan on using this squad in a rhino with Huron Blackheart for some outflanking roasting. I built this squad with a mix of parts from the Space Wolf sprue and the Chaos marine sprue. The head of one is from a fantasy Chaos Warrior and the arms of the champion are from the fantasy Chaos Marauder sprue. I mixed in the Space Wolf bits to show that this was a squad from the Wolf of Fenris that changed to Huron's employ when it was captured and taken by him. They are now his bodyguard.

I gotta get me a photo box built so I can take some better pics. Lately I have been to lazy to even put up the sheet of paper and use the tripod like I usually do. Last night I finished building this squad's rhino except for the skull press-molds for the corners like the Land Raider, so a couple more days on it. Till next time, hope you like the slight conversions on these, I'm pretty happy with how most of them came out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forgeworld Berzerker Squad with Landraider Pics

Below are some pics of the Khorne Berzerker Squad I finished building a couple days ago. These guys will ride in style in there Landraider along with Kharn the Betrayer and maybe Lucius the Eternal also in large games. I moved a couple weeks back and am not settled in enough to start painting Project Deathguard again yet, but I am finding a few minutes here and there to build some more units. This unit of eight is built using the Forgeworld torso conversion kit and 8 pairs of running legs from the Khorne Berzerker boxset. I converted all of these, except the champion, to have the Forgeworld Chainaxes. The chainaxes look great, but I had to completely cut off shaft and replace with paperclip to keep them from breaking so easily. For the Landraider I added Forgeworld WorldEater doors all around and added a couple skull totems and Khorne symbols. On the front corners of this I added some skull press-moulds from which I stole the idea from Tim over at This was a great idea he came up with and is very easy to do if you follow his directions. I plan on adding this same technique to a Rhino I am currently assembling for a unit of Chosen.

Now that the move is over I hope to get this blog going again. Next update will be my Chosen squad with 4 flamers that have a Rhino transport and Huron Blackheart tagging along. Well, that's all for now, hope you like.