Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming Soon.....New Laser Cut Terrain Company

Shown are images of a new line of Old West Buildings being produced by my brother.  He operates a laser table for a small company and was asked to develop samples to show what the laser table was capable of.  I mentioned to him that some friends and I had played a series of Legends of the Old West games one weekend.  After showing him some of the terrain owned by a friend, he decided to design his own versions of Old West Terrain scaled for 25-28mm gaming.  All images attached are products available for purchase now, with new items being added every week.  So far, all items are for Old West/Historical gaming, but these will see use at my house for Maulifax and 40k.

All buildings are shown with signs, but they are a separate item and have names etched into them.  Custom signs could be made if desired.  New packs are being developed for obstacles, such as tables, crates, hitching posts, outhouses, gallows, stairs for 2 story buildings, jail inserts for existing buildings, wagons, and anything else we can think of to add flavor to the gaming board.  Check out images below and I'll explain more.

 One of many building front designs.  Flat sign is added with double-sided tape for endless variations.

 All buildings are made to accept signs like above.  Sign packs offer both flat and with tab insert.

 Top View of small building.  Roof has shingle design etched in for easy painting.   All roofs are removable for easy access during gaming.

Side view of small building. 

View of back of small building 

 Sample of two-story building.  Also, with removable signs.

 Front view of two story

 Single story, long building.  Available in all front designs as small buildings above.

 Front View, single story, long building

 Two story with hotel parts.  Includes front balcony with door.  Fancy window shutters, see closeup below.  Also, gap below balcony is fixed in production model.

Window shutter closeup for hotel, note extreme detail available with laser cutting.

I hope you liked the above terrain.  It has been fun helping a little with the designs for this project and hope to see it grow into a full Old West selection and then branch into other genres as time progresses.  I know a very large saloon building will be completed shortly with interior balcony and stairs as well as second story outdoor  balcony.  This thing will be huge, over 12" x 12"(maybe as large as 16" footprint), a true centerpiece for this type of gaming, or the location of a special bar fight scenario.

If you're interested in any of these items, my brother is selling on Ebay for the time being, until their company sets up an online shopping cart site, or you can email me and I can send you a price list.  I am also a distributor, so you can purchase directly from me with Paypal.  My email is ctreleheb AT  Also, email me with any questions you may have concerning details I may have left out above.

As new items become available I will continue to post them to the blog.