Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Obliterator Conversion Pics

Finally, I have finished conversion and assembly of my 3 obliterators. These models are the first I have used greenstuff on besides just gapfilling of large models. Took me 3 days to get these models finished due to dry time of greenstuff between parts. Still I do not feel very comfortable behind the sculpting tool, but I hope to get better with some practice. Below are some pics of the models before basing and priming.

Now that these are finished, ready for paint, I am hoping to make some progress on my plague marines. I finally finished making up enough backpacks to get through my first 40+ models. So far ready for prime for this army I have Typhus, 7 PlagueBearers(Summoned Lesser Daemons), Great Unclean One(Summoned Greater Daemon), and these 3 Obliterators. I'm waiting on a Forgeworld order so I can start my terminators and dreadnought.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blood Bowl

It's been a few years since I've had me a good game of blood bowl and low and behold their making it into a Video Game.  I'm pretty excited about this game to say the least, and sadly I didn't make it into the Beta testing.  One of my good friends did manage to get in though so after "borrowing" his laptop I plan on getting some good games in and posting my thoughts on it.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.  Blood bowl.

List of My Armies

Soon I am going to start posting army list summaries for some of the armies I currently own along with pics of some units or models in that army. While very few of my models are painted I do have alot built as I have more time for this than for painting. Usually I build the entire army to the point where I have pretty much all options available in codex for many varied army lists, then start building another army. I have no game stores close by and usually only play against a couple different people so I like to have everything built so I can use a different army list each time I play. Below I am just gonna list the armies I have for each game system with a model count for each. Later I will post exactly what each army consists of.

Warhammer 40,000
Imperial Guard: Catachans(200+ models)
Imperial Guard: Cadians(125+ models)
Imperial Guard: Valhallans(200+ models)
Imperial Guard: Steel Legion(125+ models)
Imperial Guard: Tanks(36 models)
Kroot Mercenaries(200+ models)
DaemonHunters(140+ models)
Witchhunters(250+ models)
Tyranids(160+ models)
Chaos: Plague Marines(100+ models)
Chaos: NightLords(80+ models)
Chaos: Red Corsairs(30+ models)
Space Marines: Crimson Fists(400+ models)
Space Orks(100+ models)

Warhammer Fantasy
Beasts of Chaos(90+ models)
Ogre Kingdoms(75+ models)
Wood Elves(100+ models)
Lizardmen(175+ models)
Orcs & Goblins(775+ models)

Blood Bowl



With so many models to work on, I keep a detailed inventory of every model I have"in stock" so when I start enjoying a new codex or book I'm reading I can go ahead and write an army lists from the models I own and know which models I need to purchase. As you can see, having over 4000 models in my collection is a little daunting. Think about building and painting one model a day, it would take me almost 12 years to finish this. And being the fool I am, I still buy models as the new codexes come out. As for codexes and books, I also have all of them since 3rd edition(even if I have no interest in playing them), I know, ridiculous. Soon I will start posting more details for each of these armies, as well as my current project DeathGuard that will be fully logged from building and yes painting and onto the tabletop.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Imperial Guard Codex: My Tactic

The reason I started playing Warhammer 40,000 and Games Workshop games in general was because of the Imperial Guard. The plastic Catachans were my first army. After playing with them for years in different varieties, I really came to like army lists that consisted only of guardsmen. I loved playing games having 95+ models on the board in a 1000 pt game. Was also great fun when the opponent had many tailored lists and would pull the "anti-tank list" out of the bag as soon as I would say Imperial Guard. Little did they know, no tanks were going to be in the sights of their lascannons.

All-infantry guard lists, while lacking in versatility(movement, objective claiming, etc.), are very good at winning if you take target priority seriously. Target priority(as well as a good selection of weapon variations) is the key to winning with all-infantry guard armies. When beginning your shooting phase choose the next turn's most serious threat and shoot it until it disappears(using the weapons most likely to do so before resorting to less likely methods), only then do you move to the second most serious threat.

To some this may seem like a boring way to play, just throwing volley after volley of shots across the table, but seeing a fully painted all-infantry guard army on the table is a great sight. Sure there are armies that will have a high success rate against this style of play and objective games can only be won by tabling opponents, but both can be won. With the new codex even killpoint games are not a terrible choice if you combine infantry squads.

Well those are my thoughts on how I play IG if I want to be competitive. If playing for fun I like to cook up all types of variant lists involving lots of close combat, allies(including Kroot mercs, SoB, and Daemonhunters), fully mechanized, etc.

Next time I'll post my all-infantry list I have been working up to use a couple hundred Steel Legion models I have lying around.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playing with the Wife's Camera Pt. 2

Below are some more of the pictures I took trying to learn the process of taking good photos of miniatures. Now I can use what I have learned to show some more recent works. I hope to start painting some DeathGuard models next week if possible, trying to finalize my paint scheme on a test mini instead of just paper.

Below is a Lizardmen Skink Priest that was a test model for my still unbuilt lizardmen army.

Below is a Trollblood Trollkin Champion model I have painted for my small Hordes force.(Sadly, a game I have never played.)

Below is a Chaos Sorcerer I painted when playing a warbands campaign, which then spurred me on to build a huge Hordes of Chaos army, which has now been disbanded, split up, and sold off since the changing to Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos.

Another short post, I gotta get some work done on those Deathguard.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing with the Wife's Camera: Pt. 1

Last night I decided to take some pictures of some models I have painted in the past. My previous attempts at taking pictures of miniatures haven't gone well, with most be out of focus. After reading some things online and in White Dwarf I decided to try again using those techniques and the wife's camera. After she set the camera settings for me, I took lots of pictures, some of which are shown below. I will have another post with the others soon. I think they came out pretty good considering it was my first attempt, hopefully I can improve some aspects of these that I don't like.

Below is a priest with an eviscerator I painted for my Imperial Guard army several years back. I really liked this model and had to include him.

Below is a pic of the limited edition WitchHunter Inquisitor I painted when it was released many years ago.

Below is a "test model" for my Crimson Fists Army that is built and awaiting paint.

Another post will show more of the models I photographed last night. As you will see its been awhile since I have painted any models. All of my painted models are mostly test models painted several years ago for armies that I have purchased. Some of these armies are built and others lie in bags untouched. This blog is hopefully gonna change all that and push me to build, paint, then play with an army, instead of my current method of build 7500 pt army then build another huge army then another, etc. Next time some progress will be made to Project Deathguard.

Monday, April 20, 2009

DeathGuard: Expansion Thoughts

Now that the army I have been planning for years now is actually being built, I thought I would go ahead and post some of the units I intend to add to the 1500 pt list already posted.
First, I want to add more plague marines, some termies, a dread, etc. in the following forms:

Plague Marine Squad
14 Plague Marines
2 Meltaguns
Personal Icon

Plague Marine Squad
14 Plague Marines
2 Meltaguns
Personal Icon

Plague Marine Squad
14 Plague Marines
2 PlasmaGuns
Personal Icon

The above weapon loadout for these units can be swapped to some flamers or more plasma/melta as I do have the models already.

Terminator Squad(FW torsos)
7 Terminators
Reaper Autocannon/Powerfist
Heavy Flamer/Chainfist
Combi-Bolter/Power Weapon
Pair of Lightning Claws

Typhus(attached to Termies, deepstriking to Personal Icons)

Nurgle Dreadnought(FW)
Twin-Linked Lascannons
DCCW/Heavy Flamer

Nurgle Plague Tower(converted on Baneblade chassis)

Well, thats all the additions to this army I have planned right now, okay maybe some nurgle bikers and a nurgle defiler converted from soulgrinder, but that's it. Hopefully, this will be all so I can get back to work on my IG stuff since the new book is gonna be out very soon. Back to work, break's over.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deathguard: Obliterator Conversion

Below are a couple pics of an obliterator I have been working on. To the top of the body I have clipped off the original hoses and things that usually stick up there and added green stuff and some plastic tube. This was my first attempt with greenstuff but I think it turned out pretty good. I am going for the destroyer hive look, like that on the back of Typhus.

The next pic is of the arms I have added greenstuff to the shoulderpads. One pad has three faces kinda growing from it, while the other has the nurgle fly symbol on it(it is very faint and will probably not be discernible until painted.

Another short post but next time I'm gonna get into some army expansion ideas, I know, so soon for expansion, you just started.

Deathguard: Some Early WIP pics

As said in earlier posts, I have been planning this army for several years, but am just finalizing plans and starting my models now. After organizing the models I have and writing an army list so I'll know what models are still to purchase, I have begun to build the first few models. I have plans for a few conversions and some putty work to alter the metal models enough to make them a creation of mine, while still keeping the model intact. Most of my work on the basic plague marines will be centered on the backpacks of each model and the banners of the champions, which will be my personal icons for the units. Below is a picture of 3 of my backpack varieties I am adding to the plague marines. The middle model is my first champion and he is the only mostly complete model I have. He has the hoses going from the barrel to his body that I have planned for all models. The others are just to show what my base backpack will be before adding hoses, filling the barrels with pus and sculpting them to the bodies. More pics will come later as I actually get these models based and complete, ready for paint.

I hope the pic shows how these models in the very early stages of development will eventually become a unique deathguard army. Next time maybe some pics of the obliterator I have been sculpting on today.

Finishing Up


Ever since the new Space Marine codex came out I've been addicted to the Salamander's chapter. I just love their fluff of firefights with flamers and melta weapons. And Vulkan twin- linking them all isn't too shabby either. So now I'm finishing up my army by completing the few squads I have left. Today, I'm building a nice Assualt Termy squad with TH/SS (master crafted, why not!?) and I'll be posting pics of this army soon when everything is finally done.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deathguard: The Beginning

I have recently started my Deathguard army that I have been pondering on since 3rd edition. When reading about them I really liked the story of lotsa rotty marines walking forward in unison spreading death and destruction up their foes. Well, now that 5th edition has rolled around and the legions are dead in the rulebook essentially, my plans have changed. While still adhering to most of the principles set forth by Grandfather Nurgle I will be adding some transports. Though in this army I will only have models with the Mark of Nurgle and all squads that have the possibility will be ran in numbers of 7 or multiples thereof. For starters I plan to build a 1500 pt army and eventually expand to over 3000 pts. So on with the 1500 pt list

Daemon Prince

Plague Marine Squad #1 & #2 are same
7 Plague Marines
2 Plasmaguns
Personal Icon

Plague Marine Squad #3 & #4 are same
7 Plague Marines
2 Meltaguns
Personal Icon

Heavy Support
3 obliterators

That will be the initial buildup. The tactics for this army will mostly be running a plasma squad and melta squad in tandem on different areas of the board for versatility. The obliterators will deepstrike to the personal icon in the direst need at the time of arrival and the daemon prince is in there for bullet soak and fear factor. Though he can beat some heads if needed. Okay, so next time I will go into planned expansions and maybe some WIP pics of a couple models in the conversion process.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Blog for Me EVER


Welcome to MSOM.  I'll be using this page to show off my vast armies of grey and metal.  I've been playing for around 7 or so years and I've never fully painted a model.  "gasp".  So I intend on using this site as some motivation to actually do something with my armies other than just playing.

Getting Started, First Post

First blog, first post. I wanted to make this page as a way to showcase some of the armies and models that I build, convert, and paint for my wargaming hobby. The majority of the models I build and play with are for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Though I do have a couple Necromunda Gangs, a couple Mordheim Warbands, a couple Blood Bowl Teams, and even a few Lord of the Ring models that I thought looked good. Most of my models I have owned for years, most purchased when I worked for GW, however I have been adding new models to my collection as they are released for the armies I play.
On this blog I plan on posting the armies I currently have built in between posts of my newest project Deathguard army. I want my work in progress posts to show each step of my conversions, if any, and my painting style. Usually I just build most of my models the way GW intended because they do a great job with their models, however with my Deathguard army I plan some converting and greenstuff use. As for the greenstuff, this will be my first attempts at this and I figure what better army to practice on than Deathguard. I feel like I really can't screw them up. This army is already past the planning stage and into the beginnings of building and converting. Next post will outline my plans for the army starting at 1500 pts, up to the apocalypse size that I have planned.