Monday, September 28, 2009

Scenario Counters/Objectives - My Imperial Versions

Below are a few counters I have been wanting to build for a while. Having a ton of bits laying around made this easy enough, I was only gonna build ten but a few hours later had finished 19 of them. Below are the pics of the six I made for Imperial armies. I changed some things with my photo box and now it seems the pics are too bright, though I'm still only using 1 lamp. Oh well, I'll get around to more testing eventually.

Above are 3 of the counters, a fuel/supply dump, a dead space marine waiting to be retrieved, and a beacon/supply dump.
Above are 3 others including an ammo dump, an imperial flag with servo skull and a meltabomb/ammo dump.

I'm pretty happy with how most of these came out even if some are a little busy. Next time I'll post some pics of the Chaos versions and some I built that are scenario specific or for Planetstrike.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chaos Space Marine Squad - Red Corsairs

Below are some pics of the CSM Squad that I finally finished over the weekend. I decided to make a 20 man squad with 2 plasmaguns, and a champion with combi-plasma and powerfist. Sometimes I will use these with different marks and have all enhanced walking with Fabius Bile. While probably not supereffective, will be fun having 20 CSM guarding my home objective. These are built as a Red Corsairs squad, notice all are different with mixes of loyal and chaos bits. All will be painted to different chapters with only Red Corsair mark on shoulderpad. At the bottom of the page is an icon bearer I had laying around so I built him to throw in the unit sometimes. What I want to add is a lascannon-toting, ex-Iron Warrior model, but alas I have none laying around and haven't figured out what to ebay next to supply the funds to purchase one.

Also, over the weekend I built counters for Chaos and Imperial and a few for Planetstrike that I will be posting soon. I'm currently building a unit of Scout Bikers for the Crimson Fists, with 2 Landspeeder Storms in line after that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Forgeworld Nurgle Sorcerer and Dreadnought

Below are some pics of the Forgeworld Nurgle Dread and Nurgle Sorcerer I built recently. These are a couple of my favorite models ever made by Forgeworld. They are so detailed, a lot more so in person that in any pics. I say these models are a must for any Nurgle Chaos army. The Dread I built so the banner is removable, also the arms and torso are all pinned so he can pivot at all joints of movement. I have another of the Nurgle Sorcerers laying around that will eventually be converted with powerfist as a squad champion. Eventually I will probably succomb to buying some of the Plague Marine torso conversion sets and making a small unit of Nurgle Bikers(T6 is sweet).

Still haven't finished the 20 man Chaos Marine Squad, lacking motivation at the moment, gotta get it back by this weekend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chaos Space Marine Character Buildathon

Sticking with the current chaos army building, here are a few pics of some of the characters I have built for the army. All are just built as GW intended except for the Nightlords character at the bottom of the page. He is converted using some plastics and the Nightlords hero body as the basis. I only have a couple more characters I want to build for this army including a Nightlords Chaos Sorcerer and Ahriman. Below are pics of Huron Blackheart, Lucius the Eternal, random Chaos Lord guy, Fabius Bile, Slaaneshi Lord on Steed from fantasy range I had lying around and the Nightlords Chaos Lord. I am currently expanding my Chaos Legion into the 8,000 pt range with more Deathguard, a Fabius Bile enhanced Chaos Space Marine Squad, then to finish up with a planned Nurgle Plague Tower on a BaneBlade chassis.

Next up I have some pics of a FW Nurgle Sorcerer and FW Nurgle Dreadnought. Since I haven't touched a model in almost two weeks I think it's about time to get back on it and finish up some things.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Thousand Sons have a new Boss

I have had this model for a couple months now and I've been using him to lead my Thousand Sons army. But he was just missing something... Wings! I just love the idea of a monstrous creature flying around the board (especially when he has bolt of change) and ripping open anything in his path. I have seen many daemon princes with wyvern wings or dragon wings but I wanted this little guy to have a real Tzeentchy feel to him. So I used some griffon wings and greenstuffed them on. This is my first real attempt at using green stuff and I'm happy with the result. Now I can't wait to let hiim loose on someone.