Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Round 2 'Ardboyz Semi-Final Battle Report - IG vs Horde Orks

After round 1 I’m sitting in the top 10 and feeling pretty decent about my next game.  Then I get put on a table with Horde Orks.  I don’t know how I’m going to kill 175 Orks in one game and that’s pretty much what I will have to do to have a chance at claiming the objectives.

The set-up is Pitched Battle with the objective deepstriking in after setup with the one closest to the middle counting as two objectives.  Again, we roll for first and he gets it, but the defers to me.  That’s two first turns in a row for IG.  I wish I had some Manticores and some Valkyries full of flamers.  So his list consisted of the following:

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and Power Klaw
2 units of 15 Lootas
1 unit of 13 Kommandos with 2 Burnas and Snikrot
1 unit of 10 boyz in Trukk with Ghaz – Nob PK
2 units of 30 boyz with Nob PK
1 unit of 29 boyz with Nob PK
1 unit of 30 boyz with Nob PK and 3 Rokkits
3 units of 3 Killa Kans with 2 Rokkits and 1 Grotzooka in each

Above are some picks of my deployment and his.  I attempted to bubble wrap some of my tanks with infantry because of Snikrot, he just filled his side of the board up with the KFF in the middle.  He’s the silver guy behind the trees and Lootas.  The objective closest to the center scattered into my deployment zone in front of the Hydras and the other 3 were clumped to my right in front of Pask and some infantry.

Turn 1

It didn’t take long in this game for me to become really discouraged and pretty much give up.  The back corner of the shop we were in was really hot and I was sweating pretty much the whole game.  My opponent was nice enough and I really didn’t have a problem with his attitude toward the game, I just got bummed out and didn’t have much fun til later in the game.  I started my shooting as normal and killed only enough Lootas to force both units to Go to Ground.  The rest of my shooting was useless because of his Super Mega Awesome Kustom Force Field that covered his entire army.  The way he deployed each unit he was sure to string a few guys back toward the KFF.  This made sure that every model on his side of the table received cover save.

His turn he began advancing a few models and shooting his Kans at the Ratlings killing a couple.

Turn 2

Marbo comes in and I decide to Demo charge Ghaz’s Trukk and make him walk toward me.  Well he sucked it and missed everything.  I also shot everything I had at rest of army, again forcing one of the Loota units to Go to Ground and killing a Kan finally.  Still the massive amounts of cover saves he was taking/making were killing me. 

His turn Snikrot comes in behind my Hydras and more of his army advances slowly.  The Boyz in the trukk jump off and own Marbo.  Ghaz speeds off to center table.  His shooting is again useless.  Then I see the error of my bubble wrapping technique.  I had spread them thinly and apparently as long as your base will fit through the gap it is fine to go within one inch of enemy models when assaulting.  So Snik and boyz destroyed my Hydras and 2 units of infantry in one assault.

Turn 3

I finally decide to shoot the unit the Big Mek was attached to hoping to make them run away.  I don’t kill enough and he continues making saves and few are killed.  The only bright spot was I killed Snik’s squad down to about 8 guys and put Weaken Resolve on them forcing Ld 2 check.  Haha they’re gone, or not he pops Ghaz’s Waagh and makes them fearless so no check.  At this point I mentally give up.  My sentinels had came in behind his army and started knocking down a few boyz.

His turn he continues advance but at lightning speed with Ghaz’s Waagh and his boyz are getting close.  His shooting still stinks but he has Snik in my lines and he continues the slaughter.

Turn 4

On the left side of the board I have lost a few guys and 70 boyz are coming around the house so I decide to block the hole between the two buildings with 2 chimeras putting about a third of his army out of the battle.  I just leave the few units I have over there and let him eat them.  At least that part of his army won’t be in contention for the objectives.  My right side continues shooting and I kill more boyz but not enough to force Ld checks.  I do destroy the trukk and put Ghaz on foot.

He is advancing 2 units of boyz and Ghaz toward me and they are the only real threat of capturing objectives in this game, everything else is out of range.  He assaults some Chimeras and kills some guys, but I am still holding the center objective and one other.

Turn 5

Boring I know, but I shoot more boyz but still not enough die to force Ld checks.  I’m just trying to hold out til game ends now.  This is the last turn as we are almost out of time.  I am holding one objective with vets in immobilized Chimera and the one closest to center.  I try to run with Sentinels but fall an inch short of contesting one objective.  I also start shooting one of the Boyz squads and force them to run away with Weaken Resolve.  Ghazkull is in charge range of my objective so I open fire on him with Vets and Hvy Weapons squad but fall one would short of killing him.  After the first 3 were taken I put 5 more wounds on him but no ones came up.

His turn Ghaz kills my unit on center objective so no one has it and he spreads his only unit out taking 2 objectives and contesting the other.

Game ends with his 2 to my none so Minor Victory for him.  I take 7 from this game and have 22 points total putting me middle of the pack.  I wish I had been more into this game early on and I think I could have pulled it closer.  I was just demoralized when he passed every cover save it seemed for his whole army.  That 6” KFF was ridiculous with the guys strung out like that.  I never thought about using it in that way and he did say he wished they would change the wording to not allow it.  Well played on his part even though I think he should have advanced his army earlier on and weathered the fire, he probably could have tabled me.  He put the Lootas in the front and they march blocked the half of his army that was on the side of the table as the objectives.  Next game puts me against Daemons, whom I have never played against.

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