Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Want New Stuff, Selling New Stuff........WH, DH, IG, Misc.

The time has come again to sacrifice some of my unused/extra models so I can go out in search of new models.  I am looking to finish up my Space Marines with a Venerable Dreadnought purchase and maybe some more Assault Termies.  I am also going to take my Nightlords in a new direction with the new Blood Angels rules, so will be adding a few models for that.  I will be getting a few new tanks for my IG army and the new 8th edition rulebook for Fantasy.  Hopefully, this will get me back in fantasy mode so I will actually build my Lizardmen army.  Maybe the sell of these models will help toward those goals, if not, I am thinking of letting go of my fledgling Wood Elf army and most of my 13,000 pts of Orcs and Goblins that are fully built.

On with the models that I will be listing on ebay in the near future.  If anyone wants any of these before listing, I can/will sell cheaper than normal because of lack of Ebay fees.  Also, if someone wants like all of them or at least a majority of any one army I will take offers at well below retail.  I have sorted these out and taken pics with cellphone that hopefully you can make out the details(maybe even my daughter’s feet/hands as she “helped” me sort these out).  I will list all items for sale and then add pics at the end of each army.  There will be sections for Witch Hunters, DaemonHunters, IG, and a misc. section with some SM, etc.  All items are new, never built(just no packaging) with all parts accounted for except in instances noted.  I will also ship with new bases if requested.

Witch Hunters

4 SoB with Multimeltas
4 SoB with Heavy Bolter - 1 Remaining
7 SoB with Heavy Flamer - 3 Remaining
            (Of the 15 heavies above I only have 11 Backpacks)
8 SoB with Meltaguns - 5 Remaining
3 SoB with Flamers
2 SoB with Stormbolter
            (Of the 13 special weapons above I have 0 Backpacks)
6 SoB with Boltguns(includes 6 backpacks) - SOLD
1 SoB Celestine with Chainsword/Inferno Pistol and Backpack - SOLD
2 SoB Sergeants? with Chainsword/Plasma Pistol – No Backpacks
2 SoB Banner Carriers? – No Back Packs
16 SoB Seraphim with Twin Bolt Pistols and Jumppacks
2 SoB Seraphim with Twin Hand Flamers and Jumppacks
2 SoB Seraphim Sergeants? with Chainsword/Bolt Pistol with Jumppacks - 1 Remaining
1 SoB Seraphim Sergeant? with Powersword/Bolt Pistol with Jumppacks
2 SoB Mistress for Repentia with 2 Whips
6 Sisters Repentia - SOLD
6 Familiars – Babies with wings – 2 ea style offered – Boltgun, Skulls, Book
1 Male Inquisitor – Powersword/Inferno Pistol - SOLD
1 Female Inquisitor – Plasma Pistol/Powermace
1 Female Inquisitor – Inferno Pistol/Stake
1 Female Inquisitor – Crossbow/Powersword
5 Henchmen – I think 1 of each offered
4 Acolytes with Power Sword and Shield – 2 ea style offered

Daemon Hunters

3 Grey Knights
2 Grey Knight Terminators
1 Grey Knight Terminator Justicar
            Above Terminators have 3 NFW(1 needs pinning), 4 Stormbolters, 1 Incinerator weapon selection
1 Brother Captain Stern model with all parts - SOLD
1 Inquisitor with Book/Boltgun – Bare Face
2 Inquisitors with Boltgun/Powersword - SOLD
1 Inquisitor with Boltgun/Powersword – Helmeted Face - SOLD
1 Lord Torqueamada with all parts - SOLD
1 Heirophant - SOLD

Imperial Guard

3 Catachan Captains with Powerfist/Boltgun/Backpack – Old School Catachan model
2 Commissar Yarrick with all parts – Newer Sculpt
3 Commissar Yarricks with all parts – Old Sculpt with Lobster Claw - 2 LEFT
4 TechPriest Enginseers with all parts
2 Lord Solar Macharius with all parts
3 Colonel Iron Hand Strakens – Old Sculpt - 2 LEFT
2 Guardsmen Marbo
1 Commissar with Hand Flamer/Poweraxe
1 Commissar with Boltgun/Power sword
1 Commissar with Boltgun/Powersword – Steel Legion Face
2 Sanctioned Psykers
1 Catachan Sergeant with Plasma Pistol/Powersword
1 Catachan Sergeant with Powerfist/Laspistol
1 Catachan Sergeant with Bolt Pistol/ Chainsword
2 Usarkar Creed - 1 LEFT
2 Kells - 1 LEFT
3 Cadian Banner Bearers
2 Stormtrooper Sergeants with Plasma Pistol/Boltgun strapped to chest
1 Kasrkin with Plasmagun
2 Kasrkin Srgs with Powersword/Hellpistol
1 Commissar Gaunt
1 Colonel Schaffer - SOLD
3 Cadian Colonels with Powersword/Laspistol – Hand Behind Back from metal boxed set
10 random Last Chancers – Rocket Girl is missing Rocket Launcher - SOLD


1 Dark Angels Veteran with Plasma Pistol/Chainsword
1 SM Terminator Captain with Stormbolter/Powersword
7 Space Marine Veterans – 2 with Relic Blade Axes, 3 with Chainsword/Boltpistol, 1 with Powerfist/Boltpistol, 1 with Boltpistol/Powermace - PowerMace-SOLD
1 Ulrik the Slayer- Built and Primed
1 Skaven Master Engineer I think
1 Nightlords Hero with Powerfist/Combi-Flamer
11 Metal Deathguard Backpacks

If you made it this far and want to buy some of these email me at ctreleheb@gmail.com .  Just make a list of the models you would like and make an offer or I can give you a price if you prefer.  I want to sell for around 25-30+% off retail if I can get that, more if you want a lot of these.  If you want to buy all and try your hand at making a profit on ebay yourself I will make great deal.  If you can’t see a picture and my description of a particular model sucks also email me and ask.  It will be a couple weeks before I start ebaying these.  To be honest I would rather sell them on here cheaper than deal with ebay fees and listing.

*Edit:  Forgot to mention you can check out my ebay feedback using username ctreleheb.

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  1. Just a testimonial for those who may be hesitant to buy off of a blog - I bought some of the figs (repentia and DH eviscerator guy), got them the day after they were sent. Definitely held up his end of the deal.