Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review....and what to do in 2011

This year has been pretty slow on the modelling side for me.  Mostly due to having a new house built, moving and all the things that go along with making a new house livable.  Also in  the summer my son was born.  This was a great time and having a 2 year old and a baby in the house is always interesting.  So this year real life was a lot more exciting than the hobby side.  I have built a few models and actually painted a few.  I played in 40k 'Ardboyz and made the semi-finals which was pretty exciting for me as the only games I play all year are in this tournament.  I think I played 2 other games of 40k and a couple of the new Space Hulk which was fun.

The few things I have managed to do I have been able to catalog on the blog.  I almost averaged 1 post a week on here, which is a goal I had set for my self this year.

Next year I would like to continue with my goal of at least a post a week here on the blog.  I also want to have at least 2 a month that actually show something I have built/converted or painted.  I also want to detail more techniques I use or experiment with.  My favorite blog posts from others usually contain a new technique or tool to help further my hobby experience and keep it interesting.  It is fun to try using others ideas and making them fit my skill level.

On the hobby side I want to first find the time to finish my Forgeworld Thunderbolt I have had in progress for at least 6 months.  I wanted to finish this before end of year, but instead of getting more time around the holidays I got way less due to working 60 hrs a week.  I really want to finish this before posting a series of articles on it, but I may start putting up some posts up to the 60% painted point it is in now.

Other than the Thunderbolt, I plan on painting more of my Trollbloods to get a playable, fully painted 35 pt list.  I have a few models I want to purchase for my Space Marine army and a few more for my Chaos army.  I am really torn about whether to start painting a full 40k army.  Chaos interests me the most, but I really want to get a new codex before jumping on a painting project like that.  So, I'll probably just pick and choose a few select models and go from there.

I really want to play more games this year, but again the majority will be probably be limited to the 'Ardboyz tourney.  I really want to place in semis this year and have been thinking about the list I will take for a bit now.  At the moment it is a Loganwing with Thunderwolf Lord Deathstar Hybrid List.  So lots of podding termies(5 units) dropping to provide screening for the Wolf Lords(3 with unit of Fenrisian Wounds) advancing with a couple Scout squads coming in behind the enemy.  I will put more up about the exact list at a later time.  Oh and it will be all Chaos counts-as with all models being WYSIWYG to limit complaints.

My last plan for the year is to finally start selling off at least 10,000 pts of my 14,000 pt fully built Orcs & Goblins army. I have multiples of every unit in book and with the new book and hopefully new models looming I hope to settle on one list and just have that.  Well, it's that or sell my other fantasy armies and only have this one, but I like having more than just a sea of greenskins.  Selling stuff I already have is the only way I fuel my purchases of new things.  This year I probably spent less than 100 bucks of real hard earned money.  The rest was made from selling old stuff.  This is getting harder and harder though as most of the stuff I have left are things I really like.  The only thing fueling their sell is the realization that I can never paint or play with all of it.

Almost forgot about the Grey Knight release, I bought into that army as soon as it was released before and now want to see how they expand upon the meager selections that were only in codex and lots of plastics please.  I personally am glad they did away with allies.  Small games at tournament levels should be kept in-book, while apocalypse allows for using multiple codexes to make an army that looks like the fluff and Black Library say it usually is.

Well, probably a boring post, but at leasts it's on the interwebz where I can check it out and see how I did come this time next year.  Now if only I could figure out how to live on no sleep, instead of my usual 5-6 sporadic hours, I could get that Thunderbolt done.

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  1. A new house, and a baby? It sounds like about the best year ever to me. Congrats on those, and meeting your posting goal for next year. Good luck on meeting your new goals (especially the "spend no more than 100 "real" dollars on minies. If you accomplish that, tell me how you did it).

    Happy New Year!