Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chaos Legions?....Yes, Please.

The Chaos Legion rumor, even with no info, is the most exciting rumor for me in a while.  Chaos is by far my favorite army of 40k.  I started them in 3rd edition when they had the awesome codex with tons of options for specific Legions.  I liked them all, but Plague Marines were definitely my favorite.  I hope they make Chaos into at least 2 Codexes(I guess 3, if you include Daemons).  I mean why not, half of the legions defected, yet they only get 1 old Codex, while the mummy-worshipers get 6 codexes, half of which are less than 2 years old. This sucks and is the main reason why Chaos players have started building the dreaded "counts-as" armies.  

Regardless, I hope the rumor is true so Chaos players can rise once again.  I started this blog to catalog the building and painting of my Deathguard army, but lost interest because of all the new codexes getting tons of cool stuff, while we're left with a bland excuse for a codex.  While I think it is still semi-competitive, it's just not cool that we have less units in the whole book than some newer armies have HQ options.  I want to get back on my original project and finish painting the army I converted.  

Above and below are the only 2 models with paint from the 2,500 pts I built.  The top is a Champion with plastic powerfist(don't mind the banner pin, all the champions have removable banners to represent Icons).  All backpacks have been converted to either steel barrels or wooden drums.  You can see the whole army being built in the first couple months of this blogs existence to the right.  

Below are a couple shot of my Chaos army in its entirety.  Don't mind a few of the Space Marine models on the right that snuck into the family photo.  I have closeup shots of the units that I will post up next.  Most of these have been posted individually somewhere on here, but I'll put up again since it's been awhile for Chaos on here.  The most recent stuff added have been units built for use using SW or BA codex, like the Raptors for a pure DoA(R!) Nightlords army from BA 'dex and the Juggernauts for Wolf Lords from SW 'dex.

So, please rumors, be true.  I want more Chaos in my life.  I do like the idea of the main legions having their own book while the renegades(go Huron) have their own book as well.  I'm sure there will be crossover units that are in both books.  And with all the new huge plastic kits as of late, maybe both books will get a nice flying transport or something.  The possibilities are endless, so I can't even venture a guess as to what they will come up with, but I'm excited.  

I am hoping for new plastic Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children.  I do not have either of these units yet and would like to add them, but with new models instead of the hybrids.  New Berzerkers would be nice as those are looking dated compared to newer plastics.  

Oh, and plastic Obliterators and Dreadnoughts please, with tons of options.  Okay, I can do without the dreads as Forgeworld makes some beauties already.  

Oh, and plastic Raptor box, instead of the top-heavy ones from now.

Oh, and awesome rules so we can keep up the new guys.

Oh, and the first 300 pt HQ that beats face.  This should be fine, some of these guys have been around for 10,000 years, you really think they should die in a small battle.  

Okay, so wishlist aside, I do hope we get a couple of well-rounded codexes with rules that set them apart from other "normal" Space Marines.  Some new unit entries would be nice, and I think a must to add to existing and add flavor to the armies.  

How many of you guys are excited about this rumor?  Do you have a wishlist for your favorite army?


  1. I am digging the rumour. I would like to see some forge world added into the Chaos Legions codex, especially the Nurgle Blight drone. I have about 10k points of Death Guard built for Apocalypse games and I am working on running my World Eaters up into the 6k to 8k point range. I really want to see some of the old legion rules come back.
    Remember, a plaguemarine champ with nurgle's rot and a plague sword in every squad and a berserker champ with an axe of Khorne in every squad, those were the days.


  2. I'm really excited and hopeful about the new possibilities also. I'm probably more excited about models than rules. Whenever news editions or codexs come along, I just deal and don't really put a lot of thought or preferences beforehand. I do want it to be able to beat face though!

  3. As cool as the rumour is I don't buy it at all. G.W is keeping their cards close their chest about releases, it's unknown when Necrons are coming though speculated soon so stuff 9 months later wouldn't even be available. I guess time will tell.

  4. @ColKG: Heck yeah I remember the great Legion-specific combos you could get in the old codex. I remember spending hours kitting out Daemon Princes and armies with specific gear to make them as beatstick as possible. Those mentioned were awesome and gave the codex great flavor and flexibility.

    Blight Drones would be awesome in the codex. I have been wanting to add a trio of those, but haven't. If the Chaos book looks as good as some of the most recent ones, I will be adding to my army heavily. Like you, I can't just make a list and buy/build that. I NEED everything in the book. haha

    @Black Matt: I am also the most excited about the models. With the few games I play a year, the models are really what keep me buying this stuff. I can't wait to see what they bring with the new models. If they're on par with newest BA, DE, and GK, then I will be a very happy customer.

  5. @Mercer: While you're right about the speculation being so far out, I am hoping at least some part of it is true. I think some of the newest and next year rumors are a type of viral marketing that test the reactions of the consumer base to see what they should do next year. So, with that in mind I am throwing my positive opinions into the internets hoping it makes a small difference(yeah right). Oh well, maybe the fact that they are a power armor codex will be enough to get them in the pipeline for a quick release.

    Whenever it is, I just want a good well-rounded codex/codexes with plenty of options. I'm glad the new books have multiple builds, so it's not the same battle over and over with everyone's armies being the same.

  6. I think the cause rumors in general are true. Mainly because they have been around for so long. Scheduale might change but that's business.