Monday, June 4, 2012

Tale of Only Two Gamers: Empire Ready for Paint

 After changing my list again, I now have my first 500 pts of Empire built, based and primed.  I spent some time looking through Empire army book and the Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire to decide my color scheme.  I am pretty set on the Stir River Patrol, which are always shown with quartered green and white.  While I like the green and white, I think I will just do halved uniforms instead of pulling my hair out trying to quarter the uniforms on these guys.  I have a little over two months to get these guys painted and ready for the table.  I am not building any more Empire models until that goal is accomplished.  Check out my new army list and a few closeups below.

Empire Captain
20 Halberdiers with Full Command
Detachment of 10 Handgunners

That's around 495 pts I think.  Mainly did some switching around to lower the model count for first leg of army completion.

 20 Halberdiers with Full Command

Captain ? - Mordheim model I had in bitz box

 Hellblaster & Crew + Engineer - He is Marco Columbo model released years ago

10 Handgunners - Drilling barrels, not just for 40k

So, that's it so far.  I'm hoping to get the test model completed this week and get my recipe ironed out.  After that I will start batch painting one color at a time, some of this during breaks and lunch at work.  Luckily, for the time being I am actually working 40 hrs a week instead of 50-60 so I have Fridays off, which gives me some family-free time to work on these guys.  

We are also joining funds to get some Fantasy terrain built and painted during the next couple game days we have.  So far we have Temple of Skulls, Tower of Sorcery and Skullvane Manse(going to get Fortified Manor kit soon).  We are also going to make some forest bases and some hills.  Hopefully, we can complete a table full of painted terrain before the first game.  I can't wait to start playing Warhammer with a painted army and table full of great terrain again.


  1. The Captain is the Freelancer Knight model from Mordheim. It is the on foot version. i think the Columbo model was released for the Lustria campaign,

    Good to see you posting again


  2. That is right, I picked up so many models years ago I'm starting to forget what some of the obscure ones are.

    Next post will be my assembled Bayou Gremlins for Malifaux, who won't see any paint for a while, but they are great models.