Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tale of Only Two Gamers: Empire Handgunner WIPs

I took a few quick WIP shots of the Handgunner unit I'm working on over the weekend.  The first 3 pics are of my test model.  I have since purchased the new GW Base: Ceramite White and have redone the white on this guy.  I also purchased GW Base: Averland Sunset and repainted the silly looking feather on this guy to a darker, dirtier yellow, more indicative of Stirland.  I have also brightened up the green on the uniform to match the unit below.  He was a little darker than I wanted.  

Since these pics were taken I have finished the feathers for entire unit and put the first coat of white on left side of all uniforms.  Ceramite White is awesome, if you haven't tried it, get some now if you have any white.  I am covering black undercoat with only 2 coats for full coverage.  I should finish them before the weekend.  My only obstacle now is figuring out how to paint white without making it so flat.  Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.  I am tempted to just dirty them up a lot, to make up for flatness, but I will entertain any ideas.  I will get out the lightbox for better photos once the unit is completely finished.  

I have found my only painting time to be on break while at work, so I get about 40-50 minutes per day(broken up into 3 - 15 minute sessions).  This is way more than I would get at home without being disturbed, so I think the goal of painting up 2,000 pts by the end of the year is very possible.

If you can tell from the pics I am taking the easy route on these guys.  Most parts are just basecoat, highlight, wash, then move on.  Even so, I am happy with the results so far and think the army will look good on the table.  I will add another layer of highlighting on front rank models and do a more intense layering technique for characters, while keeping a cohesive look, I hope.  Warm machines and crews will also get better treatment.  If everything goes well, I'll be jumping into the Halberdiers next week, hoping to complete unit in two to three weeks.

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