Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Crimson Fists: A few things built recently

Below are a few things I built recently for my ever-growing Crimson Fists army. I built a couple Landspeeder Storms with multi-meltas, because outflanking/deepstriking multi-meltas are cool. These Storms are great models, very dynamic and pretty easy to build, even with all the parts. I also built a unit of 5 Scout Bikers. One of these has a plasma pistol and a couple Astartes Grenade Launchers are included for some outflanking rear shots on transports. Three of these I had the old metal models laying around so I bought a couple of the new versions and mixed and matched the bits to customize them a little. I also included a couple pictures of droppods that I built just so I could have 3. This will allow some options with army lists so I can have 2 pods drop at beginning of game. I really like this in some situations.

I recently finished building 2 Landraider Crusaders that are magnetized and can be changed into Redeemers in seconds. In hindsight I should have looked around online and found someone's tutorial on this, but it went kinda smoothly. I will post pics of this on my next post with what little instruction I can offer.

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