Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Selling Some of My Rare/OOP Models

The time has come to sell some more models that I like, but don't have time for. My want for newer models and my current army building has lead me to dig out some of the below models to sacrifice. Check out what I have below, all will be hitting the ebay in a couple days. I will post a link when they are put up. I have been procrastinating on this for a while because I hate the ebay and all the hassle with selling so many different items. Oh, and the constant percentages of money they take with fees. But oh well, it is a necessary evil if I want new bits. However, if anyone wants this lot or some of these before I put them on shoot me an email.

Usually, I wouldn't stoop to trying to offload these models on the blog, but I really need some new m0dels, and I do get tired of Ebay.


  1. Too far unfortunately... similar feelings about eBay, just tired... But, I have to return to eBay after long brake, otherwise I will never get some specific models.

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  3. How much for the IG men at ease? I can pay with paypal. Let me know
    Santa Cruz Warhammer