Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Daemon Hunter Army Built So Far

Today, I’m posting the models/units I have built for my Daemonhunters army.  I built this army when it was first released.  I still think the models are great and it’s a fun group of guys to add into some IG or just play alone for a challenge.  I keep hoping for a new Inquisition codex, although I think they will get rid of ally rules, which kinda defeats the purpose of their story lines.  Oh well.  I love the inquisitor and henchmen models for both Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters, I think they are some of the best models made by GW, especially for mostly one piece molds.  So below is what I currently have built with some planned additions.  All additions are just extra models I have laying and haven’t gotten around to building.  I sorted some of my extras for several armies over the weekend and came up with a huge bag of metal models I will be selling off in the near future. 

The below list includes a Deathwatch Killteam built from the old Chapter Approved.  I gotta decide where to play these guys, probably Sternguard, but for now they’re listed here.  I also have all my assassins listed here instead of putting them in multiple places in my spreadsheet.  The list comes to around 2,800 points built as below.  Though legally could not be played this high in points.

Daemon Hunters


Brother-Captain Stern
Inquisitor Lord
  Force Weapon
  Emporers Tarot
2 Familiars
Acolyte-Plasma Pistol
2 Sages
2 Mystics
Rhino(Forgeworld Inquisition Door Kits)-use less henchmen
  Extra Armor
  Smoke Launchers
  Hunter-Killer Missile


  2 Hosts

Vindicare Assassin

Eversor Assassin

Culexus Assassin

Callidus Assassin

DeathCult Assassins
  3 Assassins

Grey Knight Terminators
  7 Terminators


Grey Knights
  8 GK

Grey Knights
  8 GK

Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Dreadnought(Forgeworld GK)
  Twin-linked Lascannon

Land Raider Crusader(Forgeworld GK Door Set)
  Storm Bolter
  Extra Armor
  Smoke Launchers


Deathwatch Killteam
  10 SM
  Power Fist
  Power Sword
  2 Heavy Bolters
  5 Bolters

Total Points Equipped as Above

Planned Additions

8-man Grey Knight Unit
8-man Grey Knight Unit
5-man GK Terminator Unit
5-man GK Terminator Unit
Various Inquisitors & Henchmen
 2 Daemonhosts
 4 DeathCult Assassins
 Lord Torquemada

Still trying to get all my armies listed up in the same month so coming soon will be WitchHunters, Kroot Mercenaries, then some Fantasy Orcs & Goblins(14,000 pts built), Ogre Kingdoms(7,000 +pts built), Wood Elves(soon to be sold off-3,000+ pts), and Lizardmen(well have only a couple built, own 7,000pts).  

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