Monday, August 9, 2010

Check out my new Nightlord inspired Goat Banner

Lately, I've become tired of the boring look of my blog.  Having no skills in photoshop or any artistic drawing abilities I contacted Goatboy of Bols-fame to make up a banner for my blog.  I sent him a few images of models I have converted, wanting him to use one of these as his inspiration.  After a few emails he settled on the below Nightlord model I converted up a while back.  For a mere 25 bucks he whipped up the above banner and I had it in just a couple days.  I think he did a great job using my model as his inspiration.  Thanks Goatboy.

Using my new banner as inspiration, I'll be posting more on the upcoming Project: Nightlords, including a battle report from this past weekend.  I'll also have some pics of my converted models that will stand-in for units in the Blood Angels Codex as these are the rules I will be using for them.


  1. The new banner looks great! That's very cool work from Goatboy, I've been interested in his commission art so it's nice to see this.

  2. Totally agree... I'm tempted to get him to do the same sort of thing for my blog... Keep at those Night Lords, I'm really looking forward to following this army and seeing it develop.