Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project Nightlords: Progress, Kinda.

I finally had a little time to work on a few models lately.  I've had a busy few months with working, building a new house, moving into new house, putting things on walls and what not(read list of things wife wants done), taking more time with 2 year old daughter while wife is pregnant and finally having my son be born last week.  I still haven't moved all my models to the new house and getting the paint out is beyond what time I have to spend at the moment.  I just get a few minutes here and there, so cleaning a few mold lines between chores is about all I get.  Most of the time I'm to tired to skip naptime and put in a couple hours on the models.  

While on vacation in June I did have a chance to read the Blood Angels Codex and decided it was the way to go with most of my Chaos stuff being geared toward Nightlords.  Finally, I can use the 40 Chaos Raptors I have owned since you could actually have that many in a Nightlords army.  I got these out and built and based the final 10 models and changed some of the special weapons to fit the Blood Angels Codex unit entry.  I think they're all legal now for a jump pack army.  When I built the originals a few years ago I wanted a heavy urban war theme on the bases, so I carried this through with the basing on the final 10.  Below are the 4 units of 10 Assault Raptors.

A 10 man unit with 2 Plasma Pistols and Srg with Power Weapon/Plasma Pistol

A 10 man unit with 2 Flamers and Srg with Pair Lightning Claws

A 10 man unit with 2 meltaguns and Srg with Powerfist/Bolt Pistol

A 10 man unit with 2 meltaguns and Srg with Powersword/Bolt Pistol

I'm still in the process of going through my army and sorting which models will work for what in the Blood Angels Codex with as little confusion as possible.  I want to have a Chaos army, but I don't want my opponent to easily misunderstand what my units and characters are.  I'll list my ideas so far.

Mephiston - Fabius Bile model
Reclusiarch - Kharn the Betrayer
Dante - Converted possessed with leathery wings - pic coming
Sanguinor - Converted possessed with leathery wings - pic coming
Sanguinary Guard - Converted possessed all with leather wings - just idea at moment, still need parts to convert
Assault Squad with Jumppacks - Chaos Raptors - see above
Assault Squad with Rhinos - Nightlords CSM - built - pic coming
Terminators Assault Squad - Converted Chaos Termies - still idea stages
Death Company - Khorne Berzerkers - built and posted previously with converted Landraider
Death Company Dreadnought - Forge World Khorne dread with dual CCW
Baal Predators - chaos up the normal model
Vindi - see above
Land Raiders - see above
Sanguinary Priest - maybe Deathguard models, maybe something converted

Those are the few ideas I've had thus far.  I'm gonna post a few lists I have thought up to get me started.  I still have to purchase some Baal Predators, FW dreads, and maybe more bits for Assault Squads in Rhinos.  Gotta get some funds first, which brings me to telling you to check out my earlier post with my list of WH, DH, SM and random bits I'm selling at the moment.  I still haven't had time to post any on ebay, so I still have a majority of the ones shown.  Email at . 

Next up will be some pics of the Forgeworld Thunderbolt I just finished building(may wait til I get more of my basing idea ironed out though).  Does anyone have any FW Epic Tau tanks?  I am thinking of changing the scale of the base to make more of strafing run diorama and these are part of the plan.  I'm also thinking about adding a weekly column about writing themed lists for the hobbyists instead of the competitive player.  I have a few ideas so far, but trying to get more of the idea down before I start posting.

Well, its been a while and that was a long one.  I'm hoping to be a little more consistent soon when the dust settles around the house.

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