Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Again Wanting New Stuff: Selling Wood Elf Army

 Well the time has come to sacrifice another army to my wants/desires.  I have been thinking hard about what I really want to keep and will have time to paint in my lifetime.  This time it is the Wood Elves that will hit the block.  I am going to put these on Ebay in a few days, but thought I would give someone the chance to get these at a good deal.  As with all the things I sell, I like to get back 65-70 percent of the retail value so I can "invest" in some new models or in this case rulebooks.  I am trying to catch up my 40k Codex collection as well as find the remaining books I need in the Legends of the Old West series from Warhammer Historicals.

I have some close-up pics of each unit if anyone wants to see them, but this army includes everything from the Wood Elf Army box that was released when the army book came out a few years ago as well as some extras.  I have:
Unit of 8 Glade Riders - built
10 of the old Wardancers
6 of the new Wardancers
12 of the old Waywatchers
3 new Warhawk Riders
2 Great Eagles- one built-one unbuilt
1 Warhawk
Some parts to make a Lord for steed - old metal model
Some parts to make a mage for warhawk - old metal model
Female mage - old metal model
Limited Std Bearer from army box
Lord with great wpn - new one
Floating mage - new one
Bits for Glade guard unbuilt below-how many came in army box?
Bits for dryads unbuilt below - however many came in army box?
Twilight Sisters on dragon - unopened in box shown
There may be other things in pic I didn't note

Well that's all of the Wood elves I have.  I will sell the entire army or just parts if you want certain things and not others.  The deal will be better for more models.  I'll give it a week on here then put the remaining on Ebay.  Email me at ctreleheb AT gmail DOT com if you're interested in any of this.  Next army on the block will be my 14,000 pts of fully built Fantasy Orcs & Goblins.  I'll post some stuff on them in the near future.

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