Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do you play with "counts-as" armies to Win or Save Money?

Initially this post was just gonna show some pictures of some of my Chaos models that I had taken and never got around to posting about.  But then I started thinking about the great things about Chaos and using them for the multitude of power armoured armies out there.  I think lately with the release of Blood Angels and Space Wolves there are lots of Chaos guys out there that feel left out.  Chaos is probably the easiest army out there to use as a "counts-as" army.  All parts from every space marine model out there can be used in conversions. Below I will show some pics of models I have converted and what they are in the Chaos codex and what they can be in other books as well.  Some models will be easily moved from book to book while others may only serve one purpose.  This is okay, just don't try to pass off some half a$$ effort to make a model something it's not just so you can pull one over on your opponent for an easy win.  I only play with a small group so it is easier for me to play counts-as without looking like a jerk.  

 Iron Warriors Dreadnought, easily used in all books without discrepancy as is case with any Dreadnought

Another view, I like this model

Chaos lord with wings, Librarian, Chaplain, SM Captain, stretch to Dante in Blood Angels 

Chaos Sorcerer with wings, Librarian, Chaplain, SM Captain, stretch to Sanguinor in BA Codex 

Chaos Termies used as Abaddon's Bodyguard, Wolf Guard Termies counts-as 

Fantasy Pestigors used as Lesser Daemons in Chaos Codex, okay so just one use

I have more examples just no pics, like Plague Marines as Grey Hunters, Raptors as Assault Marines, Rhinos as Rhinos, Landraiders as Landraiders, etc.

I love building me some Chaos models as they are fun to build and look sweet.  I see no problem using most of the ones I have as other things using other rulebooks.  I don't do this to win, but to open up playing possibilities to vary my games.  This can also give insight into other armies that you may encounter and give you ideas on how to beat them using the ole' Chaos 'dex.  And if you're really into to Chaos stuff why not play with 3 or 4 different codexes to keep the game fresh but building and painting the models you enjoy the most. Which is what is important, this is a hobby after all.  And maybe you'll even save some money, but probably not if you're like me and want lots of this cool stuff.

So, in conclusion,  I think it's okay to use counts-as armies to a degree.  I still want the equipment be the same regardless of books.  It doesn't matter if the plasmagun has a few spikes on it or not, just that it is a plasmagun and not a meltagun or whatever you put in the guys hands. I think when playing "counts-as" that WYSIWIG is the most important element, not whether they worship Khorne or the Emperor.

Do you think all of the above models fit into the categories I put them in or do you think I am stretching the boundaries?  On the other hand do you think the boundary could be pushed further with some of them?  I know there are other ways to do a "counts-as" army besides using power armored dudes, but I think this is by far the most easily acceptable way in gaming circles.


  1. I agree with WYSIWYG being the most important part of the puzzle. Wings and Jet Packs are close enough, bikes and steeds are similar, and a dread is pretty much always a dread, but a meltagun is a meltagun.

    I used to know a guy using the Tau rules, but he took the time to actually give the Guardsmen actual Pulse Rifles and such. A Sentinal built up like a Broadside, with Rail Guns in the regular weapon socket and chin mounted Rocket Pods looks SWEET.

  2. Counts-as is great. Models-paint-rules-fluff - mix and match as desired.

  3. Love the counts as for chaos. Just keep it wysiwyg for the most part and everyone usually gets a kick out of it, with extra points for awesome conversions.

  4. Counts-as also lets you bring oop models back to the table. I broke out some of my old genestealer hybrids to use as a psyker battle squad in my Guard army.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I think most gamers play with gaming groups where going outside the GW template for models/rules is okay. This allows for creativity and diversity in the game which is great.

    @Artemi: Sounds like the counts-as Tau was done the right way and would be nice to see on a tabletop.

    @ColKillgore: Yeah it does let guys that have been playing for a while like yourself to pull out those classic models no one sees anymore. Nice use of the Hybrids by the way.

  6. I play Deathwing to save money, that and I only have one army.
    But, I love counts-as stuff and enjoy seeing how people blend the rules for one thing into the model for another.
    In the end, I think it helps open up armies to people that wouldn't otherwise see the tabletop.

    From the Warp

  7. Was interested to see this article, since I'm currently working on an Eldar 'stand in/count as' blood angels jumper army.
    I've been a hardcore eldar fan for along while but dislike mech and have really struggled since they removed the seperate craftworld codex addon years and years ago (to put an army I enjoy together that is).

    Anyway I love the BA codex, and despite buying a very large amount of models and putting them together, I've been constantly drawn back to my project which started as a Striking Scorpion with swooping hawk wings attached into the back armour bulbs.
    I figured these guys have all the gear that a BA assault marine has (wings, chainsword, pistol, grenades, 3+ save) and hope that opponents won't find the leap of conversion too big'a'jump.

    Its definately not cheap (costs me $110 per 5 scorpions converted) but I love the look of the army and hope once I get enough finished to put something together on the table that no one at the local club will mind too much.

    As others have stated I'm just working on ensuring that all gear is represented (even if I have to use the eldar variant with the exact same stats gamewise) and that the models are extremely easily identifiable so I can't be accused of shenanigans.