Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dire Troll Mauler Painted Pics

Finally got around to snapping some pics of the Dire Troll Mauler I finished up a while back.  This is one of my favorite Privateer Press sculpts and probably the one that drew me into their games and Trolls especially.  He is awesome looking with an extremely dynamic pose.  

I'm not really used to painting models this large, so it was quite an endeavor.  I started by airbrushing basecoat since the model is 90% muscle.  I then blacked out all the details and went to work.  Taking the pictures outside washed out a little bit of the more extreme highlights, but I think you can still see most of the depth of color.

The hardest part was picking a color for the bony/stony/? protrusions coming from his skin.  I ended up just giving them a coat of gloss varnish.  This served two purposes.  First, it keeps the paint from rubbing off on these sharp bits that get handled most during gaming.  This was a huge plus.  Also, it kinda self highlights, so it saved me some work.  

If I ever finish painting my battlegroup I will get the lightbox out for some family photos.  With spring here, I have been super busy outside doing yardwork and gardening when I'm not working or playing with the children.  Hope to get some my half-started Axer finished soon.  I also have lots more Trolls purchased that need building. I wish I didn't hate metal models so much.


  1. I love this mate, the colour scheme of these trolls is a real favourite of mine and you have done a masterful job of it!

    Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys, I'll be posting more Trolls as they slowly get painted. Finally played a few games, had a blast, so I'll be painting more of these, at least until new Chaos codex is released.