Thursday, June 9, 2011

Troll Axer Painted Pics

Finally, I had a little time Friday to finish this guy up.  The pictures are not good again, but as soon as get pMadrak finished I will have a fully painted 25 pt list.  At that point I will get out the light box for some family photos.  These large models are still giving me fits with the time they take to do even decently well.  So, check him out.
You see the small troll and not the massive mold line.  I hate you metal model & I am lazy.

Next up for painting is pMadrak to finish the 25 pt list I have going.  After that it's on to my Grim Angus Tier List.  That means assembling the huge stack of metal models I have been ignoring.  

In other hobby related news, tomorrow I am having another 'Ardboyz practice game with reklawsj using the Shrike/Vulkan list I posted a couple weeks ago.  He is bringing 47 termies with TH/SS.  Gonna be a tough one.  I will post my thoughts on the game and lists next week.

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