Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tale of Only Two Gamers: Hills WIP

I have a little time in the evenings this week without the family and have turned some attention to our Fantasy terrain collection. We still have a lot of work to do if we want a table full of decent painted terrain.  So, I decided to add hills to our GW terrain and build four other random hills.  The hills will also pull double duty in our 40k games.

Sunday evening, I cut out the shapes with a hobby knife and glued the layers together using Elmer's White Glue.  After applying the glue I grabbed a bunch of pots and books and weighted the layers for a few hours.  Last night I got out the hot wire cutter and roughed the shapes some more, tapering the edges and getting some cliff sections made.

Tonight I plan on doing a bit of sanding to get everything smooth and ready for basing material.  After the initial sanding I plan on using some body filler to fill any gaps between layers.  After this dries I will sand once more and add white glue and sand on most of the surfaces.  Next will be another watered down layer of white glue to seal the sand and any exposed foam before painting and static grass.

I know these are pretty rough now, but I hope to get everything except the painting done on these before the end of the week.  I am also painting furiously during breaks at work and making progress on the Stir River Patrol.  I have completed the 10 Handgunners and have a decent start on 15 of the Halberdiers.  I will get some good pics of the handgunners and get them posted soon.

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