Monday, July 2, 2012

Tale of Only Two Gamers: New Terrain Built

Saturday, we got together for our second monthly game day.  No gaming this time, just building terrain for Warhammer Fantasy and some painting lessons for reklawsj.  I built(well partially built) the Tower of Sorcery.  My box was missing one of the 4 pieces for top, so it is incomplete, a call to GW Customer Service will hopefully fix this.  Jeremy built the Skullvane Manse.  He left the top part interchangeable.  We also have plans to add mdf bases and styrofoam hills to give them an even taller presence on the field.  The Temple of Skulls below was already built.

I put an Empire Handgunner on the bridge to show immense size of these terrain pieces.   They are huge, really, pics do them no justice if you have never seen these in person.  

 I also purchased the Woodland Scenics Trees shown below as well as some Water Effects.  I was able to get the 38 trees for less than 50 bucks online(Hobbylinc).  After we make some mdf forest and swamp bases, these will bulk out the terrain on the board.

The first part of the day was spent working on reklawsj's Marauder color scheme and doing a few paint lessons.  He has now completely painted his first ever model.  We did basecoating, highlighting, drybrushing, and washing.  Now he has all the tools he needs to get his guys painted up, and hopefully some pics up soon to show the first couple test models we completed.  Next I will go over some basing techniques to really make them stand out with minimal effort. 

We are both trying to get our first 500 pts painted up and on the table in August.  In a couple days I should have my first 10 Handgunners completed and have a good start on the Halberdiers.  Next game day will be more terrain stuff to get ready for first games.

Not much in this post, except the great deal on the trees that is.  Next time, real painted models, I promise.

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  1. Nice! I just built and painted a Skullvane Manse and I was really surprised at how big it actually is. That tower of sorcery is pretty huge too - I'll have to try and pick one of those up!