Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tale of Only Two Gamers: Terrain Ready for Paint

After a few more days than I had planned, the terrain is ready for some paint.  I spent an evening of sanding and adding spackling paste to seams.  The next day was more sanding.  I then decided to add some mdf board to the terrain pieces above.  I also cut some more shapes for use as forests and swamps as you can see below.  I then beveled the edges and glued down the hills I had made for towers.  After weighing these down with pots/books overnight, it was more spackle, more time, more sanding.

Finally, on Sunday it was time for adding sand.  I mixed up white glue and water as normal and added sand. Letting this dry I then covered everything in a really watered down glue to seal everything.  The Skullvane Manse above caused some trouble with foam pulling away from mdf, so as you can see it took an extra day to get to the same point(did the sand last night).  See below for more.

Above are the four hills with sand attached.  They are sealed and ready for paint.  I plan on putting static grass in all places where there is no sand.

Above I made four forest bases and added sand and sealed with glue.  I will have static grass anywhere sand is not and just place Woodland Scenics Trees on these for mobility during gaming. 

Above I also made four swamp bases.  These will be same as forests, except I am going to pour the rings of sand with Water Effects after painting.  These will have a tree or two placed on them, also removable for gaming.

I added a few skulls and rats and bits to the two main terrain pieces to give a little extra to look at.  I will probably use a little Water Effect around this guy for a little sewer rat action.

It took a little longer than expected, but after some paint time and static grass we should have a table full of terrain.  The hills, forests and swamps are built with the plan to use in any games of 40k, Warmahordes, Old West, etc.  This will be nice to have a big set of varied terrain ready to go for many game systems.  I'm not sure when I will get around to painting.  Hopefully, get some primer down this week and then some quick spray painting and drybrushing, it should be a pretty quick finish for everything except the two tower pieces.  These will involve lots more painting time and will have to wait until a game day, so I will have some help.

That's all for now.  I'll get some more pics up as these progress and some more shots of the Stir River Patrol.


  1. Thanks for the compliment.

    I hope to get some paint on these in the coming week and then I'll have to buy a new supply of static grass to finish these off.