Friday, July 24, 2009

At a Standstill

Well, I haven't really been devoting much time to the hobby lately due to real life getting in the way. Working 12 hours per day, spending time with the family and having to move on two weeks notice has put hobby time down to zero. On the plus side, while moving I have found a few cool bitz I had forgotten about and will have a more organized area to work in a week or two, after settling in the mother-in-law's. Hopefully soon I can get back into painting Project DeathGuard(and post the progress) and finish building a few other units I plan on adding to my Chaos Space Marine army so everything I want will be built at least. After that it's back to my Crimson Fists for a bit to round them out, then dunno maybe back to Fantasy or keep with the 40k. Either way it's gonna be a while.

In other more exciting news, yesterday morning I showed up to work and reklawsj had the bag of my much anticipated ForgeWorld order that we had ordered a while back. Little did I know he had ordered me an Imperial Thunderbolt fighter that I had been wanting for a long time now. This was a great gift to receive totally by surprise and I am super excited to get started on this beast to give my Imperials a little air support. Also in the bag was my World Eater Conversion Set, Khorne Chain Axes, and some World Eaters LandRaider Doors. I was pretty excited about these till the Thunderbolt came out of the box.

Well, that's all for now gotta get some sleep so I can spend the next two days moving everything that is left.

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  1. I hear the thunderbolt is a tough kit to get together. Good Luck