Sunday, July 19, 2009

Next Stop Semifinals for the Sallies

As ctreleheb pointed out we competed in our first Ard Boyz game last weekend. Here's a quick rundown of what happened and the list I used. I'm acutally quite proud of my list. I know I'll see a lot of people in the semi final round trying to spam out Vulkan with a lot of Land Speeders and Attack Bikes but my army stays pretty true to fluff.

Alright first round. First game was against a young kid playing Chaos. I pretty much walked through his army as he was not prepared for Ard Boyz at all when he showed up at the store. He was definetly using some bold strategies in his army, like walking right towards an immobolized Redeemer's flamestorm cannons with Emperor's Childrn only to be burned to a crisp. In the end it was a Massacre.

Next game was against some Orks. This game was very scary for me becasue I have never played Orks before and had heard nothing but of how tough they were especially with Nob Bikers. Luckily this guy a good sport and didn't use them. In the end my Chaplain and LC Terminators killed Ghazghkull Thraka and Nob squad while Vulkan and TH/SS Termies took out another Warboss and Nob squad. Utter Massacre but I did find a cool opponent in the process.

Last game. This game was against Orks again! It was supposed to be against the complaining Black Templar guy that ctreleheb referred to but somehow it worked out that I had to play this guy. His army was very cheesy. 3 Battlewaggons made from what looked like Tonka toys and 3 Truks made from old toys cars. He was good friends with the guy running the tournament so he was still allowed to play. And luckily he had a Nob Biker squad. In the end I recieved a minor loss because I failed to contest his objective. Nob Bikers are tough and killed my chappy squad, two tactical squads, and dread but not before the Dread squashed his Warboss's head in his hand.

So first place for me. $60 bucks just for playing a game is never bad. And in a game against someone other that ctreleheb.

Oh and here's the list I used

w/ 5 TH/SS termies
in Redeemer

w/ 5 LC termies
in LR

4x 10 man Tactical Squad
w/ meltagun, multimelta, combimelta
in Rhino

w/ mystics


w/ multi melta, heavy flamer
in Drop Pod

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