Friday, July 17, 2009

Local '09 'Ardboyz Preliminary Results

Reklawsj and I played in the local 'ardboyz prelims at the local Hobbytown but have been working too much to post something on this earlier. This is the closest place for us to play being a little over an hour from home so we needed to do well to be worth it. I haven't played a pickup game against anyone since 4th edition came out and reklawsj has never played a random person, only myself and a couple other friends. So to get prepared we went down the weekend before and played a game each but with armies of different races than we were going to use in the tournament.

When tournament day came we got there early ready to play. I took along a dual lash prince plus nurgle list with oblits and vindies and reklawsj took along his Vulkan-led Salamanders.

My first game came against another nurgle army led by Abaddon and Kharn in LR full of berzerkers. I came out scoring a massacre with 2 bonus points. My second game came against Black Templars with 5 LandRaiders, 2 Vindies and a Landspeeder. I played very tentatively trying to save killpoints by going second and keeping everything in reserve. This didn't work because in the second turn my Greater Deamon came in from reserve with no host on the table and was lost, so 5 points lost before I even started. Not being geared for LR killing I was massacred. In the third game I played an Ork horde with BW and scored a very closely fought Minor Victory. This could have been a Major Victory if I had remembered the Run rule because I finished the game only 4" from an objective that could have been contested.

So in the end I finished in a respectable fourth place. I should have been in third but the opponent I played with Black Templars had been massacred in his first game came out of it with a tie. This was due to his complaining so much about a model in his opponent's army that wasn't WYSIWYG. After a full hour of complaining and pleading the tournament organizers gave him a tie to satisfy him and he beat me by 7 points. So in the end no semi-final round for me. On the upside reklawsj finished in first with 2 massacres and a minor victory.

Final Results:
1st - Salamanders w/Vulkan(Massacre, Massacre, Minor Victory)
2nd - Nurgle Chaos - (Total Loss(to me, haha), Massacre, Massacre)
3rd - Black Templars - (Tie(cheap, should be total loss), Massacre, Tie)


  1. I know that the rule for strict WYSIWYG is active for hard boyz but what was the specific model and complaint. I do not think I would adjust a result more than 1 level for something like this after the fact unless I thought it really affected the game. IE Massacre would go to major victory.

  2. yeah the ork guy who massacred was able to continue in the tournament though with no chances at semi's even if he placed. the model issue was that he had some very "kustom" trucks and battlewagons built from scratch. also the models didn't show a deffrolla he just had a post-it note on each showing this.

  3. Another store in my area had this sort of issue last year. A guy had models that were blatantly not 40k (one was a Star Trek shuttlecraft, iirc), but no one complained until after he placed. I hope for the BT player's honor's sake his first complaint about the model was before the match started and not after he was losing.

    And I don't know how much you lost by against the BT player, but that GD should have only been worth 1 KP. Though I suppose it's too late to do anything about it.

    from the 'Ard Boyz scenario sheet...
    "HQs that use up a HQ slot - 5 Kill Points
    Other HQ choices & Retinues - 1 Kill Point"

    and from C:CSM...
    "Your army may include a single Greater Daemon. This model does not use up any force organization chart selection, but is otherwise treated as a HQ unit."

  4. no he didn't start complaining until after the game was over and he lost. as for the 5 KP GD you're right that would have changed the game from a massacre to a minor victory for him and would have put me in a tie for 3rd with him which should have ruled me as the better because of the whining over his loss.

  5. Sounds like the type who'll have trouble finding friendly matches in the future... =/