Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chosen Squad Rhino Conversion with Pics

Below are some pics of the Rhino I built for the Chosen Squad I posted earlier. I added a combi-flamer to it and some skull plates like the landraider. I added the banner as a symbol that this is Huron's ride. The banner is just pinned so it is easily removable. I took these pics in the photobox with the same setup as previously posted, but had to quickfix the lighting in photoshop. Soon I hope to experiment with different/more lighting and maybe play with some white balance settings as I see others speak of. I will eventually post my efforts in comparison, which could become my first informative post.

Lately I have been in a chaos character building mood and have built many in the past week. None are painted, but I will post pics soon nonetheless.


  1. thats a nice rhino you have there, i just stumbled acoss your blog but i eally like your side panels, did you green stuff the lot?

  2. for the skull plates i used a technique developed by tim over at you can also look back a few post at the landraider i did for the link to his post about the press mold technique used here.

  3. That's a very nice looking Ride! I really like the extra detail bits.