Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chaos Chosen Squad Pics

Below are some pics of the Chosen squad I finished converting up a couple days ago. This squad is kitted out with 4 flamers and a champion with powersword and boltpistol. I plan on using this squad in a rhino with Huron Blackheart for some outflanking roasting. I built this squad with a mix of parts from the Space Wolf sprue and the Chaos marine sprue. The head of one is from a fantasy Chaos Warrior and the arms of the champion are from the fantasy Chaos Marauder sprue. I mixed in the Space Wolf bits to show that this was a squad from the Wolf of Fenris that changed to Huron's employ when it was captured and taken by him. They are now his bodyguard.

I gotta get me a photo box built so I can take some better pics. Lately I have been to lazy to even put up the sheet of paper and use the tripod like I usually do. Last night I finished building this squad's rhino except for the skull press-molds for the corners like the Land Raider, so a couple more days on it. Till next time, hope you like the slight conversions on these, I'm pretty happy with how most of them came out.


  1. Flamers galore, holy cow. I'd hate to be a horde army up against that squad.

  2. I absolutely love my Chosen they can really do some damage, and only have three flamers in mine. You won't be able to join Huron with them and still infiltrate though as he can't infiltrate and so the whole unit loses the ability to do so (this is used as a specific example on pg48 of the rulebook).

  3. Good call on Huron not being able to infiltrate/outflank with them. Oh well, they can still be effective deploying normally or just leaving Huron at home and getting it done without him.

  4. Flame spam is very, very, I mean seriously, very nice. :D
    Plan on running a MoK Chosen squad with flame spam. Figure 4 flamers, 1 melta and some melta bombs would be a good configuration.