Thursday, August 27, 2009

Khorne Lord with Bloodfeeder Conversion

Below is a pic of the Khorne Lord I converted to have a Bloodfeeder Daemon Weapon. I used Khorne Berzerker plastic legs with a Forgeworld torso conversion set I had leftover from squad. The Bloodfeeder is actually an inquisitor scale chainsword I had a bag full of laying around that I had forgotten about. The hands holding a sword were the hardest part of this conversion and still aren't as straight as I wanted but not really noticeable. I like the Bloodfeeder chance at lots of attacks, even if he'll probably roll a 1 everytime. When I do use this guy he's gonna ride in the landraider the Kharn and 8 berzerkers.

Below is a pic of Kharn the Betrayer that I built from a terribly painted and built model I got for a few bucks on ebay. Had to sit in Simple Green for a week to get stripped and couldn't even salvage the right arm, so had to use plastic replacement. He'll ride with the Berzerker squad in the Landraider.

Next time I'll post pics of the 5 characters I built last week. Haven't even touched a model since saturday. Been busy with real life. I do have a 20 man Chaos Marine Squad on foot in progress and hope to finish this weekend.


  1. Excellent bloodfeeder, I like the understated 'mundane' look a lot - the 17 attaks are coming more from the man than the weapon.

    Nice work bringing Kharn back to life too, you can never have too much gorechild ;D

    - Salvage

  2. that huge chainsword is just awesome. if you cant get the hand placement to something that is acceptable to you id try adding a handle on it(like the handle on a scythe or alternativly like a chainsaw) and repositioning how hes holding it. Might have to find one of those chainswords myself.

  3. I'm not a fan of the Bloodfeeder for its rules, but the conversion is pretty sweet.

    A little tweaking/GS for Kharn's arm for gap-filling, and he'll look sweet. I love te base for him.