Monday, September 28, 2009

Scenario Counters/Objectives - My Imperial Versions

Below are a few counters I have been wanting to build for a while. Having a ton of bits laying around made this easy enough, I was only gonna build ten but a few hours later had finished 19 of them. Below are the pics of the six I made for Imperial armies. I changed some things with my photo box and now it seems the pics are too bright, though I'm still only using 1 lamp. Oh well, I'll get around to more testing eventually.

Above are 3 of the counters, a fuel/supply dump, a dead space marine waiting to be retrieved, and a beacon/supply dump.
Above are 3 others including an ammo dump, an imperial flag with servo skull and a meltabomb/ammo dump.

I'm pretty happy with how most of these came out even if some are a little busy. Next time I'll post some pics of the Chaos versions and some I built that are scenario specific or for Planetstrike.

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