Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chaos Space Marine Squad - Red Corsairs

Below are some pics of the CSM Squad that I finally finished over the weekend. I decided to make a 20 man squad with 2 plasmaguns, and a champion with combi-plasma and powerfist. Sometimes I will use these with different marks and have all enhanced walking with Fabius Bile. While probably not supereffective, will be fun having 20 CSM guarding my home objective. These are built as a Red Corsairs squad, notice all are different with mixes of loyal and chaos bits. All will be painted to different chapters with only Red Corsair mark on shoulderpad. At the bottom of the page is an icon bearer I had laying around so I built him to throw in the unit sometimes. What I want to add is a lascannon-toting, ex-Iron Warrior model, but alas I have none laying around and haven't figured out what to ebay next to supply the funds to purchase one.

Also, over the weekend I built counters for Chaos and Imperial and a few for Planetstrike that I will be posting soon. I'm currently building a unit of Scout Bikers for the Crimson Fists, with 2 Landspeeder Storms in line after that.


  1. Digging the mix of armors and origins in the unit, I've done the same with all my chaos marines too - gives a real renegade feel to the squad/army. Props on running such an uber-unit too, I wonder how it will do in 5th ... Once upon a time I ran a 15 CSM squad that invariably was shot to hell, with the remaining few not being able to do much but cling to their VPs. 5th, with cover saves, objectives and scoring units should up the giant blob's functionality quite a bit I'd expect.

    - Salvage

  2. The Red Corsairs is my favorite colour scheme for chaos. Keep motivated to get them painted it'll be worth it in the end.