Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's NOT a "Leaf Blower"

I’m coining a new phrase today, so if you want to be at the forefront of “40k coolness”, read on.  I am doing this because as soon as I set up a couple chimeras in the ‘Ardboyz tournament last week someone walked up and asked if I was playing “Leafblower.”  According to Darkwynn, of BOLS fame, “Leafblower” is a term that relates to his IG army that consists of only armor 12 vehicles.  It was coined because apparently it blows the competition’s models off the table.  I think his is mostly mechanized with some Valkyries, Medusas, Hydras, etc.  I don’t care either way, it’s his army and I’m not going to copy it. Especially since I started building my current IG army 10 years again and stopped building it 6 years ago. 

The “Leafblower” term is now so widespread that people place this moniker on every IG army they see, hear about, write list for.  It is a misused term on so many levels.  At least if you’re going to copy someone’s list, but then change it and add in an Executioner because it looks so boss, don’t also copy their nickname.  I don’t see other “40k cool” phrases being used on lists they don’t apply to often.  A few of these are Nidzilla, Immolator Spam, Razorwolf, Green Tide, Pod-rines, Hoppity Vampires, Mech Angels, Goat Angels, the list goes on and on.  With all of these being thrown around none are as famous or misused as the “Leafblower”.

The point of this article is that my IG list is not a “Leafblower” list.  I am today, at this moment, coining the phrase “BusBoy IG”.  Reason for this is, if anyone asks, because it “cleans the table”.  Simple.  Now who would I be coining this phrase without some restrictions to its use.  I don’t want this moniker to be misused/overused.  I also don’t want to hundreds of people having to retire their army due to high win to loss ratios.  The restrictions to running a “BusBoy IG” list consist of the following:

Army must contain at least:
1 Company Command
1 Guardsmen Marbo
10 Ratlings with caps painted Regal Blue
2 Leman Russ Chassis vehicles
3 Chimeras
70 Guardsmen wearing tanktops without transports
3 Scout Sentinels with Multilasers – always in used in reserve
10 veterans with shotguns-must be unpainted

Army may not contain any of the following:
Penal Legion
Armoured Sentinels

Okay, so now you’re thinking you’ve got what it takes to run a “BusBoy IG” list.  If you have met the above requirements, you have permission to take this new phrase to the tabletop and “clean the table”.  The list that invented this newest name in the world of 40k was posted earlier for use in ‘Ardboyz.  Have a look at it and make some changes if you like, as long as the restrictions are met, I will allow you to use term “BusBoy IG.”  Now get out there and “clean some tabletops”, but don’t come back here crying when everyone you meet says you have ruined the game with this list and you’re forced to retire the army just to save face. 


  1. Pretty cheesy list you have there. As if ratlings weren't overpowered enough, you've gone and painted their hats blue?!?!

    In all seriousness, I think that so many IG armies get dubbed "leafblowers" because essentially every IG tank fits into the army well. With the prevalance of mech out there nowadays, most players seem to run nothing but tanks. So, despite not being carbon copies of the original leafblower list, they all fit the role pretty well.

    Kudos to you for using infantry (though the tank-tops are a questionable choice). :)

  2. Tank tops are so over powered and the B-B tak top spam is totally broken. I am massively annoyed at seeing so many B-B lists with their cheesy -point and click Beta strike tactics at tourneys.

    If you check warseer there is a thread re the rumoured tank top cadian upgrade which will be released to balance the new Dark Eldar codex.

    i thought my 'snow blower' Imp G army list would catch on but alas, no.

  3. If someone's trying to build a BusBoy IG list and their shotgun veterans are already painted, is it okay to leave them as is or do they need to have their paint stripped? This looks like a much more efficient style of play than my usual "Crap-Thrower" list, marked by simply throwing a lot of crap together and then hoping for the best. From what I can tell, though, it does seem like my army was a more popular build at this year's first round of 'Ardboyz.

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