Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Round 2 ‘Ardboyz Battle Report - IG vs Orks

After the first round I was sitting in first by margin of 24 pts to 13 pts for second because I decided to ignore objectives and go for the table instead.  So, the second game put me against some Orks played by a great opponent.  I played him last year and we knocked each other out of top 3 by drawing last game, so I knew he would be tough but also the most fun game of the day.  His entire army was also painted, which was great to see.  Mine was fully painted except for the Medusa, 4 Ratlings, and the 10 Veterans.  This made this game look great with nice table and pretty much two 2,500 pt fully painted armies pitted against each other.  His list consisted of the following:

9 Meganobs in Battlewagon with Deff-Rolla(with Ghaz)
Warboss on Bike with below
10 Nob Bikers with Painboy, Cybork Bodies, etc.
20 Shoota Boyz in Battlewagon with Deff-Rolla
12 ‘ArdBoyz in Battlewagon with Deff-Rolla
10 StormBoyz with PK Nob
10 Kommandos with Snikrot

This would be my first-ever encounter with Nob Bikers all kitted just like the internet tells you to.  The good news is this is a small army by Ork standards with only a few high cost units.  With the scenario being VPs, I knew this was a great time for me to play this army if I was gonna.  With most of my units being less than 100 pts I felt good going in.  I felt better after I rolled and got first turn, Yes! Finally. 

I chose a table quarter with some difficult terrain right in the front and started deploying my infantry in and behind this.  I then placed 3 chimeras on each flank for support and placed all Leman Russes and Medusa behind infantry wall.

For his setup, he placed all 3 BW side by side and placed all the Nob Bikers up front with the Stormboyz beside them.  He placed Snikrot in reserve.

Turn 1

Luckily, he didn’t steal the initiative and I was able to do the so-called “Alpha Strike”.  First shot of the game was with Pask’s Vanquisher, which promptly exploded Ghazkull’s BW and pinned the unit even with re-rolling check, woohoo.  Next shot was with Medusa which wrecked the second BW and forced the 12 Boyz to disembark.  Next up were 3 Lascannons and 3rd BW which was immobilized.  Not a bad start.  Now time to soften up the Nob Bikers.  So after unloading rest of army I think I killed one biker and put wound on 2 more.

His turn 1 he rushed up with bikes and flew forward with Stormboyz.  His  ‘Ardboyz walked into some ruins mid table.  His bikes shot down a couple guardsmen and it was on to turn 2.

Turn 2

I moved a couple chimeras 6 inches to get better positions, especially trying to set up for some demo charges on Meganobz later in the game.  During shooting I used Ratlings to pin the Stormboyz, stalling them for a turn.  The rest of my army fired into the Bikers, because the Meganobz were way behind the army, so no threat yet.  I eventually killed a couple more bikes and a couple more scattered wounds.

His turn 2 the Meganobz limped forward and the bikes prepared to charge.  His shoota boyz stayed in BW hoping the grot riggers would fix the tire fasta.  Being worried about dangerous terrain checks he was forced to funnel bikes into small area only charging one unit of infantry and a chimera.  So 100 VPs later, the infantry are dead and Chimera immobilised, however the Nobs are in rapid fire range in the open.

Turn 3

Again moving a couple chimeras into position I prepare for shooting phase.  This turn my trap was set and the Meganobz were close enough.  I sped forward with my Chimera with Special Weapons squad, tank shocked the Stormboyz out of the way and disembarked 2 inches from Meganobz and Ghaz.  So during shooting I tossed both demo charges into unit hoping to insta-kill most of the unit for measly investment.  Not to be, each deviated 8 and 9 inches, WHIFF.  Damn, gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way.  So more shooting saw the IG shooting down pretty much all the remaining Nob Bikers with only Warboss and Painboy remaining, both wounded.  I also finished off the Stormboyz, removing another threat.

This turn he decided to get the Shoota boyz off the wagon and begin slog toward my lines.  Also the Meganobz set up for SW squad assault.  Big news was Snikrot and Kommandos came in behind my army, I’ve gotta get some rearguard.  Shooting was ineffective maybe killing few infantry.  Good news for him, the grots changed the tire and were ready to roll, with no passengers onboard now.  Warboss and Painboy took down some more infantry but were too effective so in the open again for my turn.  Ghaz and Meganobz destroyed SW squad and their chimera without breaking a sweat and consolidated toward my lines.  Snikrot and Kommandos charged into my Leman Russ Squadron, a Chimera, the Inquisitor and Retinue, and the Medusa in a single charge.  They took down Chimera, blew battlecannon of one russ, blew siege cannon off Medusa and wiped out the Inquisitor.  Damn you loads of str 4 attacks on rear armor.

Turn 4

My turn 4 I got the Sentinels in from reserve, who walked on from my board edge to fire at Shoota Boyz on right flank.  Marbo, who didn’t even make it to the match round 1 is still sitting in reserve.  This turn saw off the Warboss and Painboy on bike with shooting.  I then turned attention to Meganobz killing a couple while they continued to walk closer.  I also thinned down both of the Boyz units on my right.  I also used a Platoon Command with 3 Flamers and a Heavy flamer to cleanse the Kommando unit.  Snikrot was wounded in subsequent shooting but not killed. 

His turn his BW moved up near battle while Shoota boyz moved closer to Sentinels and a couple Chimeras I had on right flank.  He was now getting into charge range with Ghazkull and a few remaining Meganobz.  Shooting was slight with some infantry kills again.  Snikrot then assaulted Platoon command and wiped them.  Ghaz and nobz charged a couple units and destroyed both leaving them sitting in open again.  A guardsmen put remaining wound on 1 Meganob in assault.  Who says those Catachans can’t fight in tanktops.  

Turn 5

Marbo arrives!  I place him near the shoota boy mob on my right.  I also move my second platoon command up and disembark near remaining ‘Ardboyz in ruin near center table.  I used their flamers and heavy flamer to wipe all the boyz leaving only the Nob, who turned tail and ran away.  Marbo accurately threw his demo charge and killed majority of the Shoota Boyz.   I also shot down Snikrot with a Chimera and dumped tons of shots into Meganobz killing all but one and wounding Ghaz a couple times. 

His turn he charges Ghaz into some tanks destroying one, while the nob charged one unit of infantry, receiving a wound for his trouble.  The unit held their ground.  The shoota boyz charge the Sentinels destroying one.

Turn 6

I move little, preparing for final shooting.  I finally shoot down Ghazkull with meltavets.  I fail to do anything to remaining BW that was fixed, damn.  Onto assault phase.  I charge Shoota boyz with Marbo, not much happens.  I also club the remaining wound off the last Meganob claiming those VPs.  This was great for me as would have been a waste to do that much damage and half points for only leaving one wound. 

His turn he deff-rolla’ed a Chimera and Platoon command in movement phase.  His shoota boyz stayed locked in combat with no one winning.  Game ended.

At game end I walked away with 2,250 VPs(giving my 4,750 on day) to his 1,600 and change.  End game the Orks only have 8 Shoota Boyz and a Battlewagon on the board.  Minor victory for me and I was happy to get it.  This kept me in first place with 39 pts after round 2.  I was pretty excited going into round 3 knowing I had a good chance to place and go to semi's, even being gimped with 38 killpoints due to mission.

Without my first turn of shooting being pretty amazing I definitely would have lost.  After making the Meganobz walk I was able to target specific units until they were dead, knowing the Orks would be coming in waves instead of all at once.  It was a great game showing each army’s strengths and weaknesses and the VPs made the game a lot closer than it looked on the tabletop.

Round 3 Battle Report has me facing off against a cobbled together Space Wolf army.  Stay Tuned.

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