Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Round 1 'Ardboyz Battle Report - IG vs SW

Having never written a battle report for my blog I thought doing some for ‘Ardboyz would be a good chance since I never really get to play otherwise.  I have only played 3 games of 40k since last years ‘Ardboyz and haven’t used my IG in 5 years.  I took a camera to take pictures but using my IG limited time to the point where I barely finished six turns by time limit.  So no pictures or notes, just memory battle reports. 

My first round of ‘Ardboyz put me against a friend who showed up to hang out and play using his Space Wolves.  Check earlier post for the list I used.  His list consisted of the following as much as I remember:

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest
4 Wolf Guard Termies(with Logan in a Droppod)
4 Wolf Guard Termies(with Rune Priest in a Droppod)
15 Blood Claws in a LandRaider Crusader
10 Grey Hunters in a LandRaider Redeemer
2 Landspeeders
Dreadnought with Assault Cannon/Missile Launcher
5 Scouts

He of course got first turn because I only get first turn in about 20% of the games I play, so nothing new there.  So after he set up his LandRaiders midtable flanked by Landspeeders and Dreadnought, I set up my firing lines with Chimeras interspersed between them to lend support when my lines faltered.  Behind these I placed Pask in Vanquisher, then 2 Leman Russes in squadron, and Medusa.  The inquisitor was placed nearby all of my Russes.

Turn 1

At the beginning of his turn he podded in Logan and friends behind my entire army in the corner.  I used the inquisitor and mystics to take down one Termie.  He then charge forward with his Landraiders before shooting.  A wolfguard termie with Cyclone ML exploded my Medusa immediately which then killed around 10 guardsmen from surrounding units.  Otherwise not much happening yet.

In my turn 1 I turned weapons on Logans squad and killed all Termies and wounded Logan and exploded the Pod.  I then fired Pask and wrecked his Redeemer.  When the Grey Hunters poured out I fired both Russes and killed most of the unit.  I also exploded the dreadnought and took Typhoon ML off one of the Speeders.

Turn 2

This turn his reserves arrived in the form of more termies and Rune Priest podding behind my entire army again.  Also the Wolf Scouts flanked in behind Pask in the Vanquisher.  He then moved up the Crusader and Landspeeders.  In shooting phase he killed some guardsmen and wrecked a Chimera.  His Rune Priest also put the JotWW to some guardsmen killing several.  In assault he meltabombed the Vanquisher with scouts and assaulted some guardsmen with Logan killing them.

My turn 2 and I was down to only a few lascannons as ways of killing the last Landraider.  A couple lucky rolls later and it was wrecked with the Blood Claws spilling out.  Infantry squads took down a few of these.  During movement I had taken a Platoon command in Chimera with 3 flamers and a Heavy Flamer around to the Wolf Scouts, disembarked and cleansed them from the board.  I also shot all of the termies with the Rune Priest down along with their pod. 

Turn 3

His remaining models consisted of about 12 Blood Claws, Logan, Rune Priest and both Speeders.  He moved up the Blood Claws though still not assault range.  Logan and Rune Priest killed more guardsmen and Inquisitor and Retinue in my backfield.  The Landspeeders also took down some more infantry.

Finally, some reserves arrived in the form of 3 multilaser carrying Sentinels.  Marbo is still nowhere to be seen.  In my turn I positioned my Veterans to shoot at Logan and moved up a Special Weapons squad with 2 Demo Charges into position near the Blood Claws.  The demo charges and several squads of infantry took down all of the Blood Claws in my shooting phase and the Sentinels knocked down a Landspeeder.  I also wounded Logan again and wounded the Rune Priest.  The remaining couple of Grey Hunters were also shot down trying to hold an objective.

Turn 4

With only a speeder, Logan and Runepriest the SW were running out of options.  More guardsmen were killed in shooting and assault but nothing major this turn.

This turn I would shoot down the speeder with Sentinels, kill Logan with Veterans and shoot down the Runepriest with some infantry. 

So SW were tabled and I used the remaining turns to take all five objectives uncontested and take full 24 battle points.  I think ignoring the mission objectives and going for the table was the only way to massacre this scenario as you had to have 4 or 5 more to get full points.  All other games ended in draws, so I was leading with 24 points, second had 13, then some 12s and 10s.  I ended this battle with 2,500 VPs and gave up around 1,200 to the SW. 

Round 2 Battle Report has me facing off against Orks and my first game against Nob Bikers.

If you made it this far, thanks and if you have any ideas on what to change for the other round battle reports tell me.

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  1. I like your style of battle reports. I read a lot of different blogs and yours isn't bad. Since I understand that you're doing this from memory I understand that it won't be as detailed as I would like, but overall, I like it.