Monday, September 13, 2010

I finally bought an airbrush and it's a time-saver already.

I have been debating an airbrush purchase for several weeks now and finally took the plunge.  There were several reasons for wanting to take this step.  First, I have very little hobby time, so any time saved for me would be time gained and more models painted.  Also, after finally painting a few models the other day that started out as predominately one color, I decided it was a must.  Basecoating a model with a brush could take upwards of a half hour while with the airbrush I can basecoat with any color in my collection within minutes.  This was what I would find out after the airbrush arrived.

After much searching of the interwebz for info on all the various brushes available.  I knew from the search that I wanted a double action gravity fed airbrush.  Picking the Paasche Talon was the easy part, the air supply was the hard part.  After much searching I just picked up a kit that included a hobby compressor.  The price was right, though I know it isn't what I would really like.  I figure if I upgrade I can always sell this one.

After ordering and getting in the mail Friday, I finally had a chance to get it together Saturday and play around with it.  While I wanted to use some other models to practice on, I couldn't wait, so just threw down my Dire Troll Mauler that I had just finished building.  I figure to basecoat this model with a brush would take almost an hour.  However, even with putting everything together, practicing on some paper, basecoating the troll and cleaning up, I still had less than an hour in model.  It came out pretty good, I just need to get used to the trigger and get my paint consistency down.  I also need to do more research into cleaning the airbrush properly.  This time I just sprayed Windex through it until clean.

So, there's my first experience with an airbrush.  It was pretty easy just basecoating this model without messing it up.  I think the purchase was well worth it and it will be used a lot in the future.  Any model that is mostly one color will definitely be basecoated with it, then just black out the bits I didn't want that color, which most of us would have to tidy up these with a brush anyways.  I will continue to post my airbrush experiences on here as they happen.  Hope this helps some guys that are on the fence about getting one.


  1. Congrats on the new airbrush stuff! They do save a good bit of time on the base coating. They are great for vehicles too as you get a super smooth coat on those flat areas. Good luck with it!

  2. Yeah, prepare to have your vehicle painting revolutionised.

    and just wait till you get into gradients :)