Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trollbloods on my Mind

This past weekend I did a little more painting, making a little progress on my yet unplayed Trollbloods army I posted about last week.  I primed up the remaining models for my 25 pt list and tried out the new airbrush basecoating a Dire Troll Mauler.  Above is a pic of Madrak, an Axer, an Impaler and Fell Caller that are next up in painting, that is if I can keep the brush off the Mauler.  With so little time I am hoping to get one model per weekend painted.  With the scale of these being a bit bigger than I'm used to, things are a little slow.  Not painting in over a year is not helping my speed either.  I am also trying to lower my standards a bit and just try some quick basecoats, couple highlights and plenty of washes to bring everything together.  Below is Alten Ashley.  He took around an hour, some parts I'm really happy(trench coat) and others are just meh(gun stock).

Alten before matte varnish and static grass

Also before matte varnish

Matte varnish is drying, didn't take the time to put in photobox

More post matte varnish, yes I touched the base too early and smeared it, but fixed later.

I am enjoying painting the Privateer Press models more than building them.  I don't like multi-piece metals on the building side of things, though the detail is great.  I'm glad to see more plastics coming out of PP, even if they're all for the Warmachine side of things.  Once I get my 35 pt list painted I hope to start jumping back and forth painting a 40k army while throwing in the odd Trollblood model here and there.  My painting progress should increase when work goes back to 40 hrs, though the overtime is nice.

Next post will talk about how I am just starting to use a wet palette.  Also have some Bloodcrushers coming, so more Chaos conversions are on the way.

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