Monday, September 6, 2010

Trollbloods Painted So Far and First List - 25 pts

Lately, I have been wanting to play Hordes more and more.  I have been buying Trollbloods models for a few years now, building them as I get them but never playing.  I owned all of the MKI rulebooks but still never played.  Then a few months ago I ventured into the local comic book store that I don't ever visit.  I don't do comic books, I do miniature wargaming.  However, this time was different there were some guys playing Warmachine.  I started talking to them and a new owner was just starting up selling things like Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, etc.  This got me excited so I read all my old books and then bought the MKII when it was released.  Well, the family comes first so I have yet to make it down there during game time on Sundays to learn to play and start in their league.  I have traded for some new models and painted a couple recently.  The Trollkin Champions were painted a couple years back, but the Swamp Gobbers below I did last weekend during naptimes.  When I do get a chance to go I wanna at least have my first list painted if possible.  Hopefully, I don't just get owned and wanna switch list immediately.  Check them out, I'll post list thoughts below.

I really want my list to be a Grim Angus centered list once I learn to play.  Too bad most of the models I own don't do as well with him so I hear.  I really want a more shooty list using something like Grim, Earthborn, Alten, Impaler, Axer, Bushwhackers, Swamp?, and don't know what else.  But for now I have written the below list using pMadrak at 25 pts.

Dire Troll Mauler - 9 pts
Troll Axer - 6 pts - free
Troll Impaler - 5 pts
Champions x 5 - 10 pts
Swamp Gobbers - 1 pt

At 35 pts will add
Krielstone Bearer with 5 Scribes - 4 pts
Fell Caller - 3 pts
Alten Ashley - 2 pts

I already have all of these for both lists built, just have to get painting now.  Does anyone think these will be semi-successful early on?  I really don't want to get stomped all the time.

I know this is off the regular 40k path for me, but this is the only game played locally for me to get in on.  I have some 40k projects in the works that I will be posting soon.  I have already painted some and am just waiting on my airbrush setup to arrive in the mail before finishing the rest of the project.  I'll leave you with a quick WIP of this taken with my cellphone camera.  This project will be broken down into several articles, but want to get finished first, so I don't leave it hanging for weeks/months.  Till next time....

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