Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project Thunderbolt Part 4: Finished Display Base and Pilot

Today is a quick post showing a few pics of my base completed.  The pics were outside so they're kinda sunny/shadowy.  Above shows the display base complete and the initial paint on the gaming base.  It will get some drybrushing and shrubbery, but now models.  Below are a couple more shots of the finished base.

Above is a shot of the Epic-scale Falcons before they were glued onto the base.

And a couple shots of the completed pilot before I put him into the cockpit.

A side shot of the pilot.  I also have the Limited Edition Thunderbolt Pilot that I will eventually paint to go with this.  I do wish this model was as good as the standing version I have, it is really awesome.

Next time I'll show the final painting and details along with the base.  I still haven't had a chance to use the weathering powders on it yet.  Thinking maybe I should try it on something else first.  I need to search around a little online and see a few more videos of people using the stuff to try to get a head start.  I have also been working on my Trollbloods and will put up a pics of my Mauler I finished Monday.

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