Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day and my 100th Post

I am going to jump on the Old Stuff Day Bandwagon and show the project that started this blog for me back in '09.  I wanted to convert up a nice army and paint to a high standard(for me anyways).  I had loved the Deathguard army since the old rulebook when they had their own rules and you could have 70 dudes on foot infiltrating and firing bolters like Papa Nurgle meant.  I just post a couple links to these articles below that I like the most from that series.  So check these out if you get a chance.  I hope to get back to this army soon, I kinda gave up on it after all the conversions and little painting.  Once I moved in with the mother-in-law for a year and had no place to model they were packed away.  They will see a return soon though, I'm hoping for a new CSM codex next year and want to be ready.

That was probably to many links to check out but man, looking back at those old posts makes me wanna get painting on those guys.  I have a full 2,500 pt army converted up like that waiting.  I also had a couple useful hobby articles that enjoyed putting together.

There are some of  the old posts I am most proud of on this blog.  And I just realized this is my 100th post.  Took me almost 2 years, but hey I'm not one for spamming multiple posts everyday just to make my hit counter spin.  

This was fun bringing back some of the great stuff from the beginnings of the blog where I was pretty much the only one reading.  If you remember these, thanks for reading.  Has also been fun checking out the Blog Rolls and seeing what everyone else had on their blog in the early days before discovery.

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