Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project Thunderbolt Part 5: Almost Finished Pics

Here are a few pics of the almost completed Thunderbolt.  All the details are painted now.  I wish my free hand painting didn't suck because I would add some block numbers to the right wing and tail rudder.  So, I will not be taking a chance and ruining what I have done already.  Maybe I can pick it back up in a few years if I get to the point where I feel confident in my free hand.  I took a few pics outside because this thing is too big for my lightbox.  All that is left is experimenting with some weathering powders I bought from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Above is the moneyshot, the reason I built the base for the "Strafing Run" scene.

Above is an over the top view showing how far the plane is off the base for fly-in.

View of the cockpit details with pilot in place and canopy removed.

Another top view of plane only.

View of the plane's bottom in different color.  Weathering here sucks because I did it all by hand after I got a little aggressive with the brush and water getting the salt off.  

Another top view.

Another top view with canopy removed.  That's all the pics on this project until I get the weathering powders out.  I need to watch some online tutorials on the application of these to get some idea of what I'm doing before starting.

Lately, I have actually been painting models slowly.  I have started playing Hordes with my Trollbloods at the FLGS as often as I can get out of the house, which is usually about 1 time every 3 weeks, haha.  I have finished a Mauler and Impaler in the last couple weeks and have an Axer in progress.  I will get these photographed soon and get them up here.


  1. Looking good man. Think you can squeeze that into an Ard Boyz list??? :)

  2. Brilliant! I love how the base turned out, that first picture is fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  3. That's really cool man, well done :)