Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Hobby List of the Week": Outflanking White Scars

Today, a quick hobby list using Codex: SM and Khan.  This list is centered around his ability to allow dedicated transports to outflank.  This is a fun rule to use.  It's a little bit unreliable and can get you massacred quickly if your army comes in piecemeal, but when it works, it can catch the opponent off guard with two outflanking Land Raiders.  

Khan Outflanking List - 2,000 pts


Librarian Tigurius

Terminator Squad
   5 Termies - Cyclone Missile Launcher & 2 Chainfists
   Dedicated Transport:  Land Raider or Redeemer with Multi-melta

Assault Terminator Squad
   7 Termies - 4 Lightning Claws & 3 TH/SS
   Dedicated Transport:  Land Raider Crusader with Multi-melta

Tactical Squad #1
   10 SM - Plasma cannon
   Dedicated Transport: Rhino

Tactical Squad #2
   10 SM - Plasma cannon
   Dedicated Transport: Rhino

Scout Squad
   5 Scouts - BP & CCW - power weapon(swap for combi-melta) - meltabombs

Landspeeder Storm - multi-melta

2,000 pts
12-14 KPs
3-5 Scoring Units
44 Models

Not a lot of bodies in this list, but with good rolls the Land Raiders roll in from sides of board and assault immediately.  Khan rides with the assault termies to give them a bump with Furious Charge.  This makes the lightning claws extremely deadly in combat.  The hammers will probably not even get to swing unless the unit is incredibly durable.  

Tigurius is in the list for the re-rolls on reserves.  This will make this army a little more reliable and get you on the board when you want to be.  He also has access to all psychic powers and a force weapon.  With the shooty termies they can take on light weights or larger creatures with fists and force weapon.  They can also Gate around the board helping out others after initial entry.  

Of course both Land raiders have a multi-melta to help de-mech opponents so the termies can get to work.  The tactical squads hopefully won't have to see combat.  They should come on the board near objectives and camp out firing plasma cannon through hatch of Rhino.  The scouts are in the list with storm mostly for annoyance.  The Storm can scout before game and pop a tank before it moves if you get first turn.  Also, the scouts can be dropped off and go to ground in cover on objectives or be thrown away in first turn after scouting.  Do this kinda like demo melta vets in IG army, but with only one meltabomb and need to find points for a combi-melta.  You scout before game and then if you don't get seized they can move speeder, jump out and assault opponents highest point cost tank before they get to move.  After this the plasma cannons and termies go to work on the units inside.

Well, there's a list I think is very cool from a gaming perspective.  Modelling would be okay, but I don't really dig white armies so I would play this with a counts-as Khan in most cases.  Don't think the list is super competitive against veteran players, but would cause major headaches if the reserves and outflanking rolls are good.  I like the ability to use the Gate ability with termies to move around the board where needed, also Khan and Lightning Claw termies is really nasty when you charge.  I had also never thought of using the Storm with Meltabomb Scout Srg like this before typing this up.  I need to find the points for a combi-melta as this could potentially take down many times their points in first turn against a Land Raider.  I will definitely be trying this out, of course I never get first turn so probably never gonna work for me.

This is a good example of lists I like the most.  It has a good look to the army composition(no extreme spam), all units have some resilience(no five man squads shooting nothing but a razorback), a goofy rule or two to make the game fun(Gating termies, outflanking landraiders, Storm scouting with combi-melta and meltabomb scout sergeant), and a couple hard units that can help you win a game, because even fluff-bunnies don't like to lose every time.


  1. looks fun! you could at least give the tactical squads the free flamer?!? i would also suggest skipping the combi-melta on the scout sgt and squeezing some points to give him a power fist (drop melta bombs & maybe the chainfists from the termies) if the storm's multi-melta misses, being able to shoot the same target with the combi-melta has little value (imo) since it forces you to assault the same unit you'll assault anyways with the power fist. power fist is worthwhile if you luck out and blow up the transport with the storm as then it's equally useful charging the more squishy occupants.

  2. I disagree. I think the combi-melta and meltabombs is a good combo as it allows you to almost guarantee a dead tank on the first turn. I think they're job is simply to crack open tanks and let the termies mop up the remains. With only a Power Fist they can knock on the door 3 times on the charge but against AV 14 that's pretty tough to crack. I'd rather take a single S 8 + 2D6. If they get charged by what dreaded beast lies inside, then they're dead anyway. At least you killed a 250 pt tank with a 90 pt unit.

  3. This list is not legal since you cannot have two land raider as dedicated transport. And Khan outflank only confers to the dedicated transport.