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Is this the strongest list concept in Grey Knight Codex?

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I have been reading the Grey Knight Codex all weak trying to think of a good list concept to use for them.  It has so many themes you can run it is silly, but I also wanted to come up with a really strong list that would be pretty competitive.  I think what I came up with is very strong, but who knows this is the internet and every list fails on here except ones made by that guy.

I am only throwing the concept in this post with what I think the list needs.  I haven't pointed up any of this yet, but am shooting for 2,000 pts and there is room for tweaks and units I could do without.

Before the list, I must say this pivots on a rules interpretation that I think I am correct on, but really need others opinions.  The rule is regarding henchmen and inquisitors.  If I take two inquisitors of any type I can have a unit of henchmen to act as a retinue, which doesn't take up any force org slots.  Now, if one of these two inquisitors is Coteaz, I feel as if you can also take six units of henchmen as Troops choices for a total of eight units.  I think this is the key to the list and haven't seen this addressed anywhere.  However, I do not surf forums daily for lists info and all that bs where the same two people critique everyones lists and tell them where they failed and what they should really have in it if they want to play 40k. Rant over.  Seriously though, I need this cleared up.

The list concept: Bodies + Templates = Fun Times

Coteaz plus Henchmen retinue in Chimera
  Henchmen unit includes 7 Psykers, 3 plasmacannon servitors, 1 meltagun henchmen

This unit is geared to fire 5 guys from hatch at anything coming in from reserve within 12".  Thanks for dropping by Drop Pods, Snikrot, Wolf Scouts, outflankers.  With a str 10 ap 1 large blast template, 3 plasmacannons and a meltagun things will die.  Also will have a servo skull floating near this Chimera to help with scatter.

Inquisitor(probably Malleus with Hellrifle and Servo Skulls) plus Henchmen in Chimera
  Henchmen unit includes 7 Psykers, 3 Plasmacannon servitors, 1 plasmagun henchmen

This unit is another camp and fire unit.

Then we need to fill out six troop slots with Henchmen units in Chimeras.  Each of these units includes the 7 psykers a couple servitors of your choice and maybe deathcult assassins, Jokaero, whatever really.  These loadouts needs some playtesting to find good combo.  The only thing that is important is keeping the 7 psykers in each unit and maybe a little close combat, so when you get disembarked and have to fight.

We should be around 1600 pts now.

Want to add a couple of assassins for funsies.  Need at least one Culexus, but two would be nice if it were legal to take two(it's not, so sorry).  Keep him near at least four of the henchmen units and laugh when you fire your Assault 30 pistol that is Str 5 AP 1.  Would be pretty nice to also squeeze in a Vindicare assassin or a Dreadknight for harassment units that will draw fire away from your Chimeras, giving them a turn or two to weaken units.

Okay, so probably more of a fun list than competitive, but highly capable of annihilating an army very quickly. Also, with Coteaz you have a better chance of seizing initiative for all-important first turn shooting and a great chance at also seizing from opponent.

I think this list will be under rated due to having no Grey Knight support, that is until it starts shooting at you.  Sure the psyker squads have to pass a LD 8 test to fire, but with a couple servo skulls and some low LD rolling it's like having 8 Vindicators on the board, but with longer range and better AP.

Essentially, this list relies on dropping at least 6(maybe 8) large blast templates of Str 10 AP 1 on the opponent each turn, plus the servitors with plasmacannons and multimeltas and heavy bolters spread throughout.  Eight Chimeras can also put out an amazing amount of high strength firepower.  With at least 96 bodies and 8 Chimeras plus assassins, Dreadknight, dreadnought, (insert favorite bullet catcher here), this is not a pushover army even with almost no close combat ability.  I would reserve the Culexus assassin in order to come in late game after opponent has committed to a flank or whatever.  Walk in and hide behind Chimeras until you get a chance to drop 30 shots, at BS 8! and AP 1 on an unsuspecting unit.  This will probably get FAQed, but right now each of those Psykers is a Psyker.  They only count as one when firing weapon.  Unlike the Grey Knights in book, where only Justicar gets hit with Perils, every Psyker in unit is hit, so I would count each dude, not each unit.

So, strongest list in book?  Doubt it, but man that's a lot of large templates and dakka.  I see all these lists with orbital strike relays that always scatter 2D6 and costs 45 pts plus the character to carry it.  I laugh because here you can have 8 of those templates that don't always scatter(no lance rule though) for 70 pts each, plus they deviate 3" less than roll and even less than that with servo skulls nearby.  Oh, and you can move 6" and fire this from relevant safety of Chimera hatch and only taking up one firepoint since they are treated as a single psyker.

What you think, is this old hat that's already been chewed up and spit out on the forums or the future of Grey Knights?  Fun, Hobby List or Competitive?  Personally, I love this concept and can double duty lots of my IG stuff for this and get to make some great conversions and use as many of the awesome henchmen models available as possible.  Oh, and I will be writing up a pointed list to post on here in my "Hobby List of the Week" soon to show how much firepower can really be squeezed out of this book.

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