Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For Sale: Lizardmen Army, IG misc, & WM/H misc

Lizardmen Saurus on Sprue x 20
I finally got around to getting some pics of more things I will never get around to painting in my life, so Lizardmen must go, along with a few more odds & ends I found.  Check it out and shoot me an email at ctreleheb AT gmail.com if you're interested in any of this stuff.  It will be hitting Ebay probably early next week.  I have a few items up now, ending tomorrow, if you want to check them out at following link: Mostly Warmachine Mercenary Stuff

8 Older Lizardmen Saurus with parts shown 
11 Old Plastic Skinks with Short Bows as shown 
Skink Priest

Skink Chief

Old Skink Chief Model

Skink Chief

Skink Chief with sweet feather cloak

Skink Chief

Saurus Lord



Salamander with Handlers

Salamander with Handlers

Tenehousnreanditha guy?

Commissar with Hand Flamer


Catachan with Powerfist

OOP Yarrick

Catachan with Powerfist

Cadian Banner with broken pole

Cadian Banner Guy

IG Techpriest

Lord Solar Macharius

Colonel Straken

pMadrak and Impaler

10 Chameleon Skinks

Slann in box, missing shrinkwrap

Saurus Lord on Carnosaur partially assembled

Skinks on sprue x 24

Skinks on sprue x 24 
Skinks on sprue x 24

Skinks on sprue x 18

Saurus on sprue x 16 

Saurus on sprue x 20
Well, there's a pretty good size Lizardmen army in there.  The Orc & Goblin army I posted earlier will be going on Ebay in the future also.  I am trimming Fantasy down to only one army, for now anyways.  I have a huge Ogre Army I want to add to and then maybe if my interest in the game goes up, I'll add another one later slowly.  I am also wanting to start into some Malifaux, the Bayou Gremlins are to cool to pass up on that game.

Content is slow lately, but that just means real life is busy.  Maybe after getting some models out of the way, I will start getting some things that I have most interest in now and start actually working on something.  Please hurry Chaos Space Marine Codex.


  1. how much for all the ig models? Drop me a line at santa cruz warhammer

  2. Email me at streetdoc270@gmail about a set of skinks, the skink priest, skink chief, slann Mage and the kroxigors. Thanks