Monday, September 26, 2011

Snotling Boxing/UFC Diorama WIP

This is a diorama I built a while back and never finished.  I figured Snotlings have something they enjoy doing when they're not running from Orcs.  I spent some time getting all the bits together and made the rest from balsa wood and wire.  The picture at the bottom shows all the characters that go on the base.  I decided to keep them separate until after painting.

As you can see in the above picture, I have the ring set up on barrels and a couple plank benches sitting on some small pails.  I also put a small ladder on each side of the ring and a spit bucket where the coach hangs out ringside.  I also have a treasure chest with da' winnings.  There are a couple guards below you can see that keep it from getting carried off during the fight.  There's also a gong for rounds and a banner to keep rounds on.  I also put some barrels of fungus beer in there for the spectators to purchase.  There are a couple more pics below showing more angles.

Above are the characters that will be added to the diorama.  The top row consists of the coaches and cheerleaders for each fighter.  The second row consists of the spectators I have chosen to watch this fine sporting event.  The third row has the judge on left, and the bellringer with hammer just to right and the guardians of the winnings on right.  And the two bottom ones are the fighters.  The left one is more of a karate kid martial arts snotling, while the right is more Bloodsport with his bound fists dipped in broken glass.  I guess technically this is more UFC style but with the square ring it can be called whatever.

Well, it's been a little slow on model front for me lately, thus showing you an old half finished project that I wish I had time to finish.  I did however build a Malifaux gang on Friday.  I hope to get pics of them taken this week and posted up.  I started with Bayou Gremlins and have all models except a couple that I ordered today.  I hope they come in so I can finish building everything that is out and start some painting on them.  Maybe after that I'll actually get a rulebook and try to play a game.

And I also put up my Lizardmen army on ebay and it ends tonight.  So, if you interested check the link I added.    Ebay items ending tonight


  1. This is incredible. It's screaming out for some simple rules a la Brewhouse Bash. All kinds of inspirational going on in here. Well done, would love to see it finished.

  2. Two snots enter one snot leaves.

  3. Oh this is sooo good! It's perfect. It totally conjures up an image of "real" snotling life... which only exists superfluously outside the game. Congratulations: you made art.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Giving me some motivation to work on it some more. I had a lot of fun working on it originally and think I need to work on it a bit sooner, rather than later.

    But for now, I have a Malifaux gang of Bayou Gremlins to get painting on.

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