Friday, September 2, 2011

Current Ogre Kingdoms Army

With the new pics up of the very soon to be released Ogre Kingdoms, I decided to pull out my old army and see what I had.  Seeing the new pics I already know what I'll be adding.  That would be two of everything, haha, well definitely the new big guys and maybe the special characters, depending on their rules.  But, like all armies I really like, I want one of everything, naturally.

I figured I would take some pics of the army as it was built and then when I get the new book, I'll rearrange the units and whatnot to get it fitting the new rules.  So, for now, check out the pics and I'll get the book and go over this armies evolution into 8th edition.

Greasus Goldtootha and a Slaughtermaster

Unit of Ogres with 2 hand weapons with attached Butcher

Unit of Ogres with hand weapon-ironfist and attached Butcher

Skrag the Slaughterer and some Gnoblar Trappers

Pic of two units and Leadbelchers and the Maneaters

Another Group shot, showing the Hunter and some Ironguts


So happy when the plastic Giant was released

Closeup of Irongut unit with Bruiser

Another Irongut unit with Tyrant and oversized Banner

Converted Scrap Launcher.  I hate the metal one. Was fun to build this gunpowder version.

Another shot of the Launcher

Yeah, I like this simple sled.

The only model I painted for test.  Love the metals, like the new flesh colors much more.

I really need to work on large surfaces of skin.  These guys are tough to paint depth without real skills.

Well, that's the army as it stands now.  Hopefully, soon I'll be adding some real monsters to the mix and maybe actually try out 8th edition.  

Anyone else have a cool army waiting in the closet for an update?  I know my Chaos Marines are raging about it in their case.

In other news I put all the Khador stuff on Ebay finally.  The auction ends Tuesday evening.  Check the following link to all those guys: 

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  1. I have been looking over my old Ogres since the anouncement of the new army book. I haven't fielded them since a warhammer league in 2008. I am planning to get some of the new releases eventually. I might have to follow your example and post of some pictures of my old conversions.